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  1. i wouldnt trade Evans, try trading fuchess for a different TE like engram or witten someone like that help me with mine plz
  2. Yes make this trade hopefully they will go for it help me with mine
  3. i would have to go with Sanu/Mckinnon side help me with mine plz
  4. imma have to go with Samuel now help me with mine plz
  5. Z.Ertz showed up on the injury report late with a Hamstring injury and might not play against Denver so if he is inactive i have to pick up J.Witten who should i drop out of these 3 players Dede Westbrook Juju Smith-Schuster Danny Woodhead
  6. i hope its nothing serious out of all weeks hes on the injury report the week Gronk has a bye lol
  7. u know what i would stick with D.Paker and Nelson forgot GB coming off a bye
  8. well since they moved this post to the right forum now i would start D.Parker Against Oakland J.Nelson and Ty its a little iffy Colts are going to run different plays now to get Ty the ball more and would be nice to see what he does against Houston. J.Nelson will be covered by D.Slay and hes been really good this year against WR's this year and with B.Hundley not showing to much improvement i might go with Ty Hilton against Houston
  9. First off im a huge niner fan i rather them sit Jimmy for the year, were not going no where this year shanahan wont get fired either. Jimmy G is not a rookie hes a Pocket QB and can throw the ball very well hes proved that in games and during pre-season hes been learning from the best QB you can learn from. 49ers wouldn't give up a 2nd round pick thats almost a first round for Jimmy if they didnt think he could do the job. Our O-Line is trash right now they need to get a better O-line this this offseason to protect Jimmy G
  10. i would start JuJu and J.Gordon i would drop J.Nelson for J.Gordon
  11. well i lost out on getting J.Gordon this year my best friend whos 1-6 picked him up was waiting until after this week to drop J.Winston to pick him up but its all good i hope Gordon balls out for the people in playoffs
  12. he should have playing time but then again our OLine is trash why take a chance of playing our future QB and take the chance of him getting injured. Shanahan system is complicated but very good and take time to learn. there already 0-8 and the only games they might have a shot at winning with or without Jimmy is week 9 vs Arizona, Week 13@Chicago, and Week 15 vs Tennessee
  13. M.Lee is nursing a Knee Injury jacksonville wouldnt even let him pratice today sign's point to he might not even play this weekend against Cincy only 2 WR's left will be Hurns and Dede. Dede is already getting First team Reps during pratice this week and will be in the starting lineup this week. Garcon is dealing with a Neck Injury that happend last week against Eagles and he never return to the game he didn't pratice today. that last couple of weeks garcon haven't done much with CJ behind the helm and garcon being shadowed by Patrick Peterson This weekend don't look good. If i had to choose would be Dede against Cincy Of course dede hasn't been fantasy Relevant he hasn't played a game cause hes been injured that would make anyone fantasy Relevant. Second off Garcon hasn't done anything since CJ has taken over at QB and that's not going to change for the ROS.
  14. its hard for me to pick up any RB on Miami right now L.Miller really didnt do anything for them J.Ajayi only had a few big games i really dont think D.williams or Drake will do anything maybe next year if Fins get there OLine better
  15. Winning: 132.1 - 71.4 They have CJ Anderson and Denver D. I Have H.Butker need CJ and Denver D to score under 60 Points
  16. alot of Jags defensive beside bouye are on long rookie contracts
  17. idk but they do need someone to step up to take the WR2 role behind T.Hill
  18. i need help at RB also going to drop lynch for him
  19. After doing a little research last year Denver Pass D was #1 and Green put up 8/77/0 - 15 Points in ppr not bad Plus Cincy O-Line was not good either im sticking with my Stud WR against Jax
  20. i drop Elliott because of weather conditions this weekend and was able to pick up H.Butker from Chiefs they both go on by week 10 but thinking about picking elliott back up after this week
  21. i hope so the only good WR's that face jacksonville was D.Hopkins and A.Brown hoping AJ does good
  22. i thouht AJ would of did better then what he did against the Colts the targets where there for him but he only caught 3 balls thank god 1 of them was for a TD is anyone playing him next week @Jacksonville?