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  1. would u rather have a RB that takes 4 carries for 80 or a RB that takes 10 carries for 20 yards
  2. Mckinnon has more of a chance fumbling the ball give it to murray to run clock murray prolly get 10 yards on 15 carries by running clock out
  3. Murray with Mckinnon owners both of them will go back in fourth playing against different teams last week was Murray this week is Mckinnon next week prolly be Murray Mckinnon just has a little more upside since hes a pass catching back
  4. Just glad Mckinnon got me 12 points at the half anything else is a bonus
  5. thats actually not a bad play espically hoston being hurt on defense i think J.Clowney is out for this game as well or atleast banged up
  6. sorry man i would play diggs over agholor weather is real bad with 20mph winds, diggs is 100% he even said he wouldnt be back unless hes 100%
  7. i would hold off atleast 1 more week before u trade away Cooper if Oakland is going to use Cooper like they did last game going foward cooper will out perform Cooks
  8. if its suppose to rain hard in the philly-SF game im going to bench Z.Ertz and play A.Cooper
  9. its really hard to decide between juju and westbrook, With Pittsburgh we don't know if their going to Trade M.Bryant we know he want's out cause hes getting no Love, but the time being beside this week because M.Bryant is suspended JuJu is splitting time with Brown and Bryant. D.Westbrook - before the season even started this year Westbrook was 2nd on the depth chart ahead of Huns and Lee then he got injured Westbrook was suppose to be Drafted in the 2nd Round of this years draft but his off the field issue's was a concern so he fell in the 4th round, Westbrook might be back week 9 if not week 10 Westbrook will easily become WR1 in Jax for the rest of the season and Jacksonville Schedule looks good for the rest of the year. Dede for me
  10. That's exactly what happend with A.J. Green last year coach wouldn't let him come back because Cincy was out of playoffs, if Arizona Misses playoffs which they prolly will now since Palmer went down Johnson won't be back till next year
  11. A.Jones They might lean towards AP and Ellington but that OLine is still not good, Murray will still be splitting with Mckinnon just because Murray had one good game doesnt mean hes the main guy. Jones is the legit RB in green bay they move Ty back to WR last week against NO
  12. Kearse and Jones Murray splitting time with Mckinnon Amendola sharing targets with Hogan,Cooks,Gronk and RB's D.Parker playing a little hurt and sharing with Landry and Stills
  13. These are all the Wide Receiver's that produce pretty well against the Bills Secondary only team that didn't do to well are Atlanta and Jets, If they use Cooper like they did last week He prolly can put up a 20 Point game maybe bigger M.Evans 7/88/1 Week 7 A.J.Green 7/189/1 Week 5 D.Thomas 6/98/0 Week 3 E.Sanders 7/75/0 Week 3 K.Benjamin 6/77/0 Week 2
  14. lol samething almost happend to me i was ahead by 1 point and he missed a FG and we Tied lol there goes my playoff hopes
  15. im really waiting for Snead to come to full health to see what Thomas does. In week 6 against Detroit Snead only played 21 Snaps and thats the only game he played, and since New Orleans are facing teams they can run on less passing for Brees hopefully Snead will be back next week and chicago slows the Run game down
  16. It's funny you say that cause i kinda did get my lottery today my income tax check finally came in the mail today. but you never know just hoping ertz and elliott might do it for me tonight. Ertz stats from the last 3 years facing washing in the 2nd Meeting are 38/349/0 Ertz has never had TD the last 7 games facing washington that could change tonight
  17. Down by 29 Points hoping Ertz go off tonight messed up by switching L.Fitz for M.Thomas hoping Washington stops Blount Tonight Him: 100.7 Legarrette Blount Me: 71.7 Zach Ertz Jake Elliott
  18. i wouldnt worry about DJ now before palmer went out maybe Cards had a chance of making playoffs but without palmer yea cards wont make playoff
  19. The last 3 years when Z.Ertz face the Redskins in the 2nd Meeting here are his Stats 38/349/0 hes due for a TD against them
  20. Yes i do have a FLEX and Zach Ertz is in my Flex cause he loves playing against washington
  21. Hooper this week i guess you can pick Hooper and Rudolph for ROS but dont be surprise if kroft gets more involed in the offensive once he learns the playbook better
  22. yes i would trade KB for reed to bad you couldnt get them both just in case Reed gets hurt, i would take both over henry help me with mine