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  1. I like Ekeler even if Gordon plays. Seattle is going to concentrate more on stopping the passing game and see a lot of short passes to Ekeler to make up for it.
  2. I agree that Jones is the safer bet but I am all in on Gordon this week. Starting him myself in a few leagues.
  3. Before you freak out its a 20-team league and they are my only options. This is a must win week for me. I'm assuming I go for Thomas actually being real but I also am starting Osweiler so have the potential QB+TE points yet Gesicki hasn't done a thing. Thanks for any help. Will help in return.
  4. Last roster spot on deep 20-team dynasty format. Looking for trade value. Not much left out there.
  5. Picked up by the Patriots on Tuesday. With Burkhead in concussion protocol and Michel still banged up thinking Barner may be worth a look? Any thoughts?
  6. Im with everyone on Conner. Hes gonna get those catches too..
  7. Burkhead is back in full and he will be the TD king. Stick with Golladay.
  8. Id grab Geronimo Allison over both if still available.
  9. Evans with Fitz may be a tough pill to swallow for the first four but after that Winston is really gonna tear it up this year. If that is a possibility id take it.
  10. I would take Allison over Vance. Thanks for the help!
  11. I like your first team name the best. I also think your third team is a winner this year. Good luck!
  12. Id drop Clement. I think Wilkins is gonna take over and we have already seen what Cole can do when given a chance.