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  1. Stud if you don't care about BA All these projections are way low Renato 35+HR 100+RBI and bat .266 Gold, Jerry!
  2. I'm with you there brother, not much has changed out there in the Rockies since Mello left, no structure free for all street ball and everybody wants to be the man. Great for Joker owners since they all miss a lot of shots, not so great for Porter but hopefully he continues to play well after his injury and that the coaches recognize his talent and keep him on the floor25+ mins/night
  3. I have AD in IL slot need to drop somebody to make room for Porter, have lots of Bigs & Guards so need to keep my SF TYIA
  4. Beat me to it. Yeah, I couldn't stay married to this guy any more, he's got more problems than a stripper. Bembry/Temple producing more consistently than this bum and Jingles.
  5. The Dodgers have no game plan nor clue on what to do with this kid. Hopefully a starter goes down or gets rested and he makes a few spot starts down the stretch.
  6. Yanks should win by a touchdown today, bet everything you have on them. Wait, no, Happ is pitching so maybe they only win by a field goal. Should be interesting to see how Manaea's new bionic shoulder holds up
  7. You've got problems and are delusional if you think that Stripling is going to contribute to a fantasy baseball championship this year. You need to have CatMan aka Frank Zappa aka Tony Gonsolin on your team if you want a ring.
  8. I don't think so and I also wouldn't want to start him twice vs the braves & stros
  9. I never said he was elite, not everybody can get you 20 wins and 250Ks with a 3.20era, in fact very few. I will take a SP getting W's on a winning team any day of the week, give me 4 of them lol
  10. Domingo German is the only 17-game winner that nobody wants on their fantasy baseball squad, I love it! The only thing that concerns me is that he will get shut down or have an innings limit down the stretch when I need him most. Too bad the Yankees are so good:/
  11. Correct, since nobody paid a dime for him, FREE STATS!!! Stay Hangry Amigo!
  12. Nobody is going to mention the fact that Houser puked on the mound tonight in front of 35K fans and then proceeded to dominate the Wranglers with a 6IP 10K gem? Epic.
  13. Usually after an injury and a year and a half away from facing major league hitters, ball clubs don't want want their pitchers throwing 100+ pitches right out of the gate because of common sense.
  14. IDK if it's been posted on here yet but there's a cool video of Skaggs interviewing his teammates recently wearing an "I Voted" shirt asking them why LaStella should be an All Star. Shows what kind of person and teammate the guy was, by all accounts a good dude who loved baseball and life:/
  15. Not a bad point and I do know that when on, he has good stuff but he's fresh off the 60DL -- if imma Sox fan I don't want him rounding back into baseball shape*, I want a real closer in there for the playoff run which most likely happens before the end of the month -- one with amazing mound presence *in high-lev situations
  16. LMAO!!! Let's take a bad pitcher and make him our closer. Good luck with that sportsfans.
  17. Freddy won't let that happen under his watch, he will coach his teammate up
  18. I've never seen so many people whine and cry and fret over a player who got them 32/14/37 in his first 160 MLABs and didn't pay a nickle for him
  19. Nothing gold can stay.....just can't have any glory........the rain clouds come out to piss on ZG's sunshine. No, sayeth the Baseball Gods, no you can NOT have any joy....FU!!!!!!!!
  20. ZG -- Cool as the other side of the pillow -- RIP Stuart Scott:/
  21. complete game SO 93 pitches 8 K's