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  1. 3 hours ago, Huk said:

    It's all about the minutes. If he continues to get 20-25min per night, he will deliver some good numbers. I cant see him having minutes and not having any impact.

    But of course, Denver's roster doesnt really help us on that

      I'm with you there brother, not much has changed out there in the Rockies since Mello left, no structure free for all street ball and everybody wants to be the man.  Great for Joker owners since they all miss a lot of shots, not so great for Porter but hopefully he continues to play well after his injury and that the coaches recognize his talent and keep him on the floor25+ mins/night 

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  2. 8 hours ago, Walter330i said:

    This dude is a drop. He doesn’t offer anything more than points and a few boards. You can do better than Kuz on the wire. It sucks because I actually really like the kid! Might give him one more week, but he’s not looking like he can carve enough value. I’m in a H2H points league too. I imagine it’s worse in roto. 

    Beat me to it. Yeah, I couldn't stay married to this guy any more, he's got more problems than a stripper.  Bembry/Temple producing more consistently than this bum and Jingles.

  3. 58 minutes ago, FouLLine said:

    So is this guy a two start starter this week?  CBS seems to think so but Yahoo begs to differ.... Yahoo has the Tuesday games as TBD pitchers.  But seems like The Jays staff is in such pieces that they have no choice but to throw Waguespack on normal rest (plus no reason to slow his innings at this point considering age as well as current and past inning totals).

    I don't think so and I also wouldn't want to start him twice vs the braves & stros

  4. 6 minutes ago, secretagentman said:

    Because if you look at the numbers, he is a product of excellent run support.  He has a 4+ Era...when did that become elite?  And it is not like he is not fantasy worthy, just not putting up the numbers of a top tier SP outside of the Ws.

    I never said he was elite, not everybody can get you 20 wins and 250Ks with a 3.20era, in fact very few.  I will take a SP getting W's on a winning team any day of the week, give me 4 of them lol

  5. 12 hours ago, seditious3 said:

    Why was he pulled tonight after 4 innings and 80 pitches, up 4-2?   Pitch count?

    Usually after an injury and a year and a half away from facing major league hitters, ball clubs don't want want their pitchers throwing 100+ pitches right out of the gate because of common sense.

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  6. IDK if it's been posted on here yet but there's a cool video of Skaggs interviewing his teammates recently wearing an "I Voted" shirt asking them why LaStella should be an All Star.  Shows what kind of person and teammate the guy was, by all accounts a good dude who loved baseball and life:/

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  7. 13 minutes ago, tonycpsu said:


    Nearly every relief pitcher in baseball is a failed starter.  Many current closers and setup men are much worse pitchers than Eovaldi.  It remains to be seen if he can transition well into a regular 9th inning role for a contending team, but if you're going to reject outright any former starter with an uneven record of success, you're not going to have many guys left.

    Not a bad point and I do know that when on, he has good stuff but he's fresh off the 60DL -- if imma Sox fan I don't want him rounding back into baseball shape*, I want a real closer in there for the playoff run which most likely happens before the end of the month -- one with amazing mound presence

    *in high-lev situations

  8. 19 hours ago, JameisofThrones said:

    Tom Caron of NESN reporting that sources have told him Red Sox will be converting Nate Eovaldi to closer when he returns to the IL. Hopefully will provide some clarity in that dumpster fire....

    [Ed: Looks like a good post to christen the July Closer thread.]

    LMAO!!!  Let's take a bad pitcher and make him our closer.  Good luck with that sportsfans.