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  1. 12 team H2H redraft and I'm looking for a SP to replace Heanousley. Thanks
  2. God I hate all things Boston *except their baked beans and clam chowder that is
  3. Thanks for that insight nasty, I wasn't about to catch any of the game, Rays got a good squad, pretty solid performance and racked up some K's in lieu of a W
  4. 7IP 4H/1ER 1/BB 6/K W (yawn) Baby Cakes faithful gonna miss this guy when he gets the call
  5. how you guys love to nitpick. motivated to see a pitcher not named verlander/cole is what i meant. mindset: let's F this rookie up. good series for the Sox, thankfully cole was erratic for once. peace
  6. yeah right, i'm hoping for 6IP and 2-4 runs allowed....and a W of course
  7. I wouldn't just assume that Corbin is going to breeze through the White Sox lineup on Thursday, they'll be good and pissed after Verlander/Cole have their way with them on Tues/Wed. Beware.
  8. I do. It's called baseball. It's a weird, unpredictable game, that why we love it. Who knows, maybe he was on roids. Maybe he's partying, maybe he's depressed and he mind is elsewhere. Something's up, that's fo sho
  9. 10-4 didn't know about the screw in his arm, yeah i guess they gotta be cautious, here's to next year!
  10. he's not a little boy anymore, he turns 23 in august, what else does he need to prove at the minor league level? news flash, the Jays SUCK and I can't name one of their starters. time to put on his big-boy shoes and start facing major league hitters, what is there to lose? his ego gets bruised if he gets knocked around and takes a loss? that happened to Bieber a few weeks ago, he got over it smh
  11. 3/4 coupla runs and a rib KEEP it UP young man!!!
  12. Going over his minor/major league career so far, why SO few IP? Injuries?
  13. you are a hall of famer asking if ian kennedy is the closer? apologize to yourself, KC is royally FUBAR this year
  14. Right, until his arm falls off. Cheap bastards need to pony up for a real closer if they want to make a serious run in the playoffs while saving Darth Hader in the process.
  15. ikr? tough it out and play big boy, it's April, we need to win games now at any cost! so stupid
  16. Right on brother! What the heck are the Brewers thinking? Don't they know that you picked up Jeffress in March and held onto him this whole time fully expecting him to close games? Him and Tyler Thornburg were a force back in 2016 and the dude racked up 15 saves last year!!! This is a top-200 arm in all of baseball and Counsell doesn't have a clue how to utilize him, pathetic!
  17. Right. Seems like a waste of breath discussing the matter. You see folks, Carlos Martinez is a SP, he wants to win games not save them.
  18. Wow, you know your stuff, do you have a blog I can subscribe to?
  19. So y'all are saying this dude sucked for 9 games, lots of whiffs and still hitting .310?? See ya Aggy, I'm hopping aboard the Goldy-lite train, kudos to whoever named him that lol sounds like a beer I can drink all day long, choo choo!!
  20. True story. Felt good to liberate myself from this 1-year wonder and move on waste of a draft pick:/
  21. Yup....nice recovery striking out the next 3 betters after serving up the HR to Dozier tonight. Hopefully DonMat gets the axe soon, he should be a batting coach and nothing more:/