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  1. First of all, that is a beautiful portrait of Mengden Division Vision! Second, I agree with the Mikolas comparison, they are both crafty pitchers and keep their composure after allowing hits/runs, not that many more K's by Mikolas and very similar ratios/wins/QS & team records Third, I wish I could grow out my stache like either one of them but the warden makes me shave twice a week
  2. Jace Fry locks it down for the Sox great movement on his pitches faced 2 lefties
  3. How about this? Instead of engaging in pointless speculation and conjecture and how long he'll be up and how he will fare, why not just go grab Soto if you haven't already and see how the lad does? Join the party. You are in the Juan Solo thread. I remember Vlad talking about the old saying in the DR....no one walks off the island. Meaning, that they hit their way off the island and into the major leagues. Juan Solo has the force within him and wants to stay up. And, yes, I pre-ordered a ticket for the movie next wknd
  4. All for Juan and Juan for all!!! Go grab him sportsfans! Now the Jays will see that it s'ok to trade Donaldson this week and call up Vlad Jr!!!! The Revolution has begun
  5. where you homies coming up w these mad SB projects? Did I just pick up the right Juan, or the wrong Juan?
  6. Yes and yes but it's hard for people to accept after the year he had last season....sometimes ballplayers have a good season and then people expect that as the standard, not the norm. Good bat, don't get me wrong but he's in the same ballpark as Franco right now, flip a coin as to who has a better year this season
  7. Aaaaaaand, now he's sick sportsfans. This guy's got more problems than a stripper. I'm lobbying for an additional PUP slot next year in my league like they have in football. Christ, it's baseball, you run 90 feet, just tell Murphdog not to hit any doubles first few weeks
  8. Ok inning over, Vizzy coming in for the Cubs rally
  9. Unfrigging real another bases loaded walk 4-1 Braves get an out sCrUBS!!!!
  10. Vizcaino warming up bottom 8 2-1 Braves runners at the corners 1 out, how about a double play. I want the Cubs to break him
  11. He has been filling in beautifully for Murphy owners such as myself, no complaints here. Jedward has always had a pretty good eye and nice stroke, hope he keeps it up and has himself a good season, I've always been a fan of his. Go Jed Go!
  12. Got is he awful. I don't have him but I really don't see a lot of other viable options in that bullpen so I agree with the person that said at least his job is safe in a division where every team is under .500, you heard me, that is a sad fact
  13. Zobrist knocks in one more run 3-2 cubs top of 9 2 outs runner on 1B Vizcaino still in
  14. Vizcaino ties it in the ninth double/double here's hoping Morrow gets the save now, one more run Cubs c'mon
  15. I put in a waiver claim for Freddy Peralta a few days ago when Yahoo added him....he will be a FA overnight/tomorrow on the 16th NOW I see 10k+ people have already added him, HOW???? Was hoping he would slip through the cracks but I have pretty crappy waiver priorities and NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT HIM:/ Have you heard? Freddy struck out 20 batters the other day in Coors, how about that sportsfans??? GO GRAB HIM ASAP!!!!! Anyway, was just wondering if there was a difference between public and private leagues on Yahoo and why he is trending now before he even becomes available, this sucks!
  16. This is ridiculous. 10 mins before the night games lock on DK and not one word on the entire frigging internet whether this guy is playing or not, trust me I looked.
  17. Is there anything worse from a fantasy perspective than when your starting RB, with an injury you don't know the extent of, is going to "give it a go?" Just a hunch, but after watching Tarik last week (Bears fan here) I just don't see how he can NOT put up RB2 numbers easily this week So, in a nutshell, both Tarik & Jordan put up RB2 numbers today with a slight edge to Tarik 15-12
  18. Right on brother, it's fun to own every player in the league
  19. I'm going to do this, i'm sure Beast Mode wants to do well week 1 and the Raiders want him to score at least once, thanks for the help fellas
  20. Going Howard/Hunt at RB with Ajayi not playing this week and Cooper/Pryor at WR 1 flex spot for Lynch/Bryant/Sanders/Garcon or Hogan Thinking Lynch or Bryant, thoughts?
  21. Did you draft Cam to put on the bench? Start Cam duh!
  22. Man, you should've drafted a RB earlier, plenty of WRs to go around later. Your team is pretty mediocre. Why is Melvin Gordon on your bench?