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  1. I don’t think they had to say anything at that point. The Rockies signed him coming off a 91-win season and a playoff appearance in 2018. They had a nice nucleus returning and were projected to have another good year. Then in 2019 everything that could go wrong did. The pitching staff totally imploded, the offense was hurt by injuries and poor play. Arenado wants them to clean up the mess while he’s still in his prime, but it makes more sense for the Rockies to start thinking rebuild. I think he ends up getting traded, just a question of when more than if.
  2. 3B seems to be Kieboom's logical position based on scouting reports, which question his range but like his arm. He hasn't played there much but I think he'll take to it fine. He'd have more fantasy value as a 2B though, so that kinda sucks.
  3. Yeah, I always chuckle at that. What integrity of the game? Baseball started with fielders yanking runners down by the belt loops, runners sharpening their spikes and groundskeepers hiding extra balls in the outfield. Sign stealing scandals date back to the 19th century. There's been the Black Sox, spitballs and emory boards, pine tar and corked bats, and of course the Steroid Era. Baseball players have cheated, are cheating, and will continue to cheat. It's a fact of life. I can't muster up any more shock and outrage about it.
  4. I don't think Solak is likely to play much 3B going forward. Scouting reports question his arm, he only played one game there in his whole minor league career, and he made 3 errors in 11 MLB games there. I think that was just a place the Rangers could stick him to get him in the lineup in some meaningless September games. 2B is probably his ideal position and what he's played most. Odor is there for now but he was not good last year (0.3 WAR) and if he's that bad again I could see the Rangers moving on to Solak. In the meantime he probably just has to find playing time as a utility type wherever he can get it. More important question is how good Solak can be. I don't think he can reproduce last year's numbers over a large sample, at least not yet. His xWOBA was .343 compared to .375 actual wOBA, and he hits a lot of grounders (52.9% MLB, usually over 50% in the minors). He does have speed, but he only stole 7 bases last year across all levels. I think he has a fairly high floor with added value in any format that counts walks, with some upside if he can hit more flyballs and/or steal some bases. But for now he's just not exciting enough to really target given the PT concerns.
  5. I'm not sure how long Odor's leash is at 2B. He was pretty terrible last year. If he struggles out of the gate, it wouldn't shock me to see Solak replace him.
  6. His per-game score on the Razzball player rater for a standard 5x5 league was 17.1. That was even with Aaron Judge, just behind Eugenio Suarez, just ahead of Jeff McNeil and Marcus Semien.
  7. Good article on Buxton He's going to be on a lot of people's do-not-draft lists this year, and I totally get that. He's been a frustrating tease for years, his once-inevitable breakout always derailed by a slump and/or injuries. He's now 26 and recovering from labrum surgery, no lock to be ready for spring training. Lots of reasons to avoid. But... When he played last year, he was really good. Double the numbers he put up in 295 PA, and you get 20 HR, 28 SB, 96 R, 92 RBI. That would be a top 50 roto player, and there's upside for more. And while he does get hurt a lot, Buxton is not a typical injury-prone player. He usually hurts himself with his utter recklessness on the field, flying into walls or other players at top speed. He could stay healthy if he'd just learn to be a little more careful out there. His ADP is around 160 or so. Who's feeling lucky?
  8. The "low-level catching prospect" is Edgardo Rodriguez. Fangraphs said this about him a year ago:
  9. Jose Martinez going to the AL sounds nice but the Rays have so many bats that he's probably just a short-side platoon guy. I have no idea where Arozarena fits either. There are rumors Liberatore could be flipped as part of a big deal to get Arenado/Betts, but this makes sense for the Cardinals even if they keep him.
  10. Last year Paddack had a 3.95 FIP, 4.05 xFIP, and an unsustainable .237 BABIP. He had some good fortune that almost certainly won’t repeat. Numbers like that would scare me away from a lot of pitchers, but the thing with Paddack is that he’s not a finished product. He turns 24 tomorrow (happy birthday!) and has ace upside if he can improve his curveball. He’s also got the type of personality that I don’t want to bet against. His NFBC ADP of 49 is too high for me, but other sources have him in the low 60s and I wouldn’t be afraid to take him there.
  11. Last year’s numbers prorate to 45 HR/91 R/114 RBI over a full season. His ADP is around 66 and I feel like he’d be going higher than that if he didn’t get hurt. No reason to question his durability either - he recovered quicker than expected and with no ill effects from the much-feared hamate injury. He’s a Statcast darling whose xwOBA (.386) was better than his wOBA (.368) for a 2nd straight season. The park probably has something to do with that, but his power is certainly very real. He turns 26 around the time the season starts, so really just entering his prime. I see very little not to like here. I think he’s a safe pick at his current ADP who also has a high ceiling with 50 HR potential.
  12. Rendon's lowest pick in 52 NFBC drafts is 31st overall. His contract terms and his defense don't really have anything to do with how good he'll be for fantasy this year. His injury history is overblown, and he's the type of complete hitter who is going to rake regardless of what they do to the ball. He was a top 10 hitter last year in pretty much any format. Even if he comes back down to earth a bit it would still be nuts to let him fall outside the top 40, much less top 100.
  13. That’s a lot longer German suspension than I expected. Consensus seemed to be he’d get like 30 and with time served he’d only miss a couple starts. Either MLB is toughening up its policy or the investigation found something pretty bad.
  14. The hyphens are correct. It’s a compound modifier - “well-thought-of” is all one adjective, describing the organization. Berrios, Odorizzi, Bailey and pray it rains daily?