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  1. Targeting him #9 in my OBP plus SLG league.

    Took a look at both his second half And road splits from last year and I’m pretty convinced I’m getting Soto with 3b/ss eligibility (hoping Soto falls to 9 but unlikely in this format).

  2. 9 minutes ago, kwolf68 said:

    Pirates have somehow built something interesting. Keep in mind, Jordan Luplow could be in the majors and top pitching prospect Mitch Keller is probably a year away. After that nothing overly exciting in Pirates org, but the good "young talent" they have (Meadows, Moran, Musgrove, Luplow, Kuhl, Glasnow,  etc) are all pretty much now in the majors. Can they bring it all together? They have a nice mix of youth, young vets and vets...a potentially outstanding pitching staff, two catchers who can not only field, but hit. 


    Of course, in this city where the Steelers and Penguins are elite, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has any confidence in the Pirates. So cynicism still exists, but they are sliding toward officially being "interesting" and Austin Meadows is one of those reasons. 

    Kingham also looks solid

  3. This dude really wants Powell with Forte being hurt. So I think I want to offer him Powell Cam and Demaryius for Brady and Keenan Allen. He already told me he would accept that if I send it. My initial thoughts are that I need to do it. 


    I'm 6-3 and getting Brady for the playoffs could be huge while also upgrading at WR. The only thing is I could really use Powell to be my RB2 now that forte is hurt. Here is my team in a 12 team .5 PPR:


    QB: Cam

    RB: Bell, Mixon, Abdullah, Powell, Henry, Rawls

    WR: Baldwin, Crabtree, DT, Parker, Corey Davis

    TE: D. Walker



    Thanks and WHIR!



  4. I need to drop Bennett since he sucks and Rodgers is out.  The two guys I'm debating between are Kroft and Hooper. I want to lean Kroft because he should be the #2 receiving option there and I like his upside.  But Hooper is solid and saw a lot of targets last week without Sanu.


    Any opinions on which one should be a priority?

  5. 1 hour ago, PointGawd0 said:

    What are the chances he's the same guy as 2016?  His line absolutely blows, he's going to be 26 next season and RBs don't last for that long


    Is he this eras Arian Foster or is he a flash in the pan who had a good system that made him have a huge outlier year?


    I know I know Im crazy

    26 next year makes him suddenly old? He should have 3-4 years left at the top of his game.