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  1. Thanks for the reply. RBs are good in 12 team my other four are bell, mixon, gillislee, and Abdullah.
  2. Your current running backs are pretty damn solid I think even for a 10 team. Honestly I think you should put the waiver in for those guys but it's not a huge priority. TE is such a crapshoot you can always pick one up on a similar level to the guys you're dropping. Only thing would be if you think it's worth using up your spot in waiver order or not.
  3. The Crowell owner offered me Derrick Henry for Duke Johnson. I am very tempted because of Henry's upside if the pretty injury prone Murray were to go out. It is a 0.5 ppr league so I love how Duke has been getting loads of catches each week and may start eating more into crowell's carries, but I think he has gotten kind of lucky with his late rushing tds the last two weeks so may be a good time to sell. Any opinions?
  4. I find it hard to compare his value to a guy like Duke Johnson who is likely to get more touches and production right now but Henry has so much more upside if Murray we're to go down.
  5. The thing is both gio and hill are specialists at this point in their careers and if either goes down mixon will have a defined roll taking over the others duties plus his own series or two he already will get.
  6. It's tough because I have Luck so I drafted Rivers not realizing he had Denver. Am debating dropping for Palmer but Rivers is so much better to me that I don't know if I want to do that based on matchups especially going into the season.
  7. I still think fleener could have a nice year with Brees he started to pick it up towards the end of last year.
  8. It's hard for me to compare him to a guy like Britt who also had a big year last year and you know will get a ton of targets this year but is on a worse offense. Most rankings seem to have him quite a bit higher than Britt.
  9. Rick Sutcliffe was just on local radio and said Kris would be mad he's saying this but his hand or pinkie is still a problem and he said it wakes him up if he sleeps on it wrong. He says that explains why he hasn't hit a Homer in so long.
  10. Wow a Homer and a triple off the wall going the other way.
  11. I would be fine with him staying down another week or so I'd like to see a few 3-4 with a double games.