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  1. Would his admission that he wouldn’t pass a drug test complicate this? I understand it wasn’t under oath, but having this on the police video can’t look good to the NFL
  2. Bill O’Brien May be the worst coach in the NFL. The only thing keeping him employed is the strong roster the now unemployed GM built
  3. The preseason isn’t an indication on what is coming, especially if it is a new offense. Cam was awful during the preseason of his rookie year, then came out and lit up the NFL for the first 3-4 weeks.
  4. You can talk bad about Josh Gordon all you want, but don't besmirch Toto! 4 top 10 hits including a #1 and #2 song....hardly a one hit wonder! I think an apology is in order
  5. Watson is the obvious choice. He may regress...or he may be a top 5 qb for years, it is worth the risk.
  6. I would keep Allen. He is locked into #1 targets and is still a value at that cost. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/708268-ertz-or-engram-keeper-auction-values-whir/
  7. I would keep him. If the majority of players with Round 1 ADP are likely to be available, you will have the flexibility to select a top end WR or RB at #9. Help with mine?
  8. I need to pick my last keeper in an auction league. I have it down to Ertz for $17 or Engram for $9 in a $200 auction league. There is no limit on how many years you can keep a player, but their cost goes up each year (10-40% depending on the player). It is a standard scoring league (no PPR) with old school lineup (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K & D). Other team's keepers vary wildly, but in the past the top end TE's go for $30-$45.
  9. Pittsburgh played with only 7 in the box for the majority of the game (I have no clue why). GB won't make that mistake. GB's defense isn't anything special, but they only gave up one 100 yd game at home last year. And that was to Zeke. I have Howard on my fantasy team, and I'm starting him, but only expecting about 80-90 total yards and hoping for a TD
  10. If you look through the years, you don't need to have overwhelming talent to be a top 10 fantasy te. Guys like Fleener, Julius Thomas, Charles Clay, Jordan Cameron, and Mercedes Lewis all had top 10 seasons...and the list goes on and on with average guys putting up top 10 numbers along the way. But one thing is the same, Eli hasn't made any of his guys top 10 for 10 years. I realize that they haven't had a great talent at the position, but some of the lack of production falls on Eli too.
  11. Fair enough, we will see...good discussion!
  12. Donnell and Tye account for the last 2 years....what about the previous 11 years for Manning? I realize that he hasn't has a lot of great talent at the position, but it isn't just 2 years of bad te's that concerns me, it is over a decade of similar production from all te's he has had (except his first 2 years with Shockey)....and you continue to ignore that his head coach has the same history of not using TE's..
  13. If Engram gets all 92 targets from last year, that puts him 10th in the NFL...good, but is it reasonable to think he is getting all the TE targets in his rookie year? I like his potetial, but I think the inaccurate idea that Eli loves using a TE, along with McAdoo's history of not using TE's will limit his upside.
  14. Eli has had 3 te's over 60 receptions in his entire career (Shockey twice and Donnell once) and only one of these came in the last 10 seasons....60 receptions is typically 10th in the NFL. Where are these other serviceable seasons?