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  1. In the past, GB's cb's played sides, didn't match up with specific wr's. I haven't been paying enough attention to know if they are doing the same this year or not.
  2. Money may not be the issue this year, but having a significant role to show you can still do it to secure a good contract may be a higher priority than a winning for Bell. We have seen him choose $$ over winning before.
  3. You have actual articles with direct quotes from the Packer's front office saying they are signing him to a new contract? Please link them, I haven't seen this and would be interested. I have seen quotes from Jones saying they are working on a new contract, but that is only half of the equation (at most) to getting a contract done. Of course Jones wants a new contract and I'm sure his agent is "working on getting one", but that doesn't mean the Packers are putting much effort into his contract. We are both guessing at this point, with you seemingly believing Jones and I'm believing the clues from the last draft. As a Packer fan I hope they can work out a team friendly deal, but I don't anticipate that happening.
  4. As are you.....but the clues (drafting Dillon in the 2nd round and no contract yet) point toward Jones being a free agent
  5. Multiple reports that have led to nothing.....most unconfirmed reports are agents leaking info trying to get a deal. Until Bakhtairi is signed, Jones isn’t getting a deal
  6. They are going to sign bakhtiari And Lindsey before Jones. Once they are signed, there will be no money left for Jones, the front office knew this going into the draft, that is why they picked Dillon.
  7. Don’t td’s count in your leagues? They are pretty important in the leagues I’m in!
  8. Might want to check the targets before deciding that he is the #2 option. Bad game, but it is just 1 week
  9. don’t cut him yet, Sony will be injured before he is eligible to return
  10. There is nothing to this besides speculation from a writer from the athletic....no quotes from coaches or anyone directly associated with the team. And, based on his reasoning, every free agent and rookie could be “eased into the teams game plan this season” since they have all had limited camp reps. This blurb provides nothing of substance. It is shocking what is put on these sites as “news”
  11. The Packers aren’t resigning Jones. With their starting lt and c both needing new contracts, and drafting a RA in the 2nd round, that became obvious right after the draft.
  12. Would his admission that he wouldn’t pass a drug test complicate this? I understand it wasn’t under oath, but having this on the police video can’t look good to the NFL
  13. Bill O’Brien May be the worst coach in the NFL. The only thing keeping him employed is the strong roster the now unemployed GM built
  14. The preseason isn’t an indication on what is coming, especially if it is a new offense. Cam was awful during the preseason of his rookie year, then came out and lit up the NFL for the first 3-4 weeks.
  15. You can talk bad about Josh Gordon all you want, but don't besmirch Toto! 4 top 10 hits including a #1 and #2 song....hardly a one hit wonder! I think an apology is in order