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  1. New startup in sleeper. $50 leaguesafe (pay two years upfront so $100) sleeper 12 team 10 starters SF/TE prem 20 bench. $25 for weekly highest scorers Payouts will be: $25 regular season highest points scored each week. $200 for 1st place. $75 for 2nd Slow auction draft on couch managers for first 16 rounds. Snake for remaining 14 Additional matchup vs league median. Dm me if interested.
  2. Year 4 of our CBS full pt PPR league looking for two new owners to take over teams. 1QB 2 RB 3WR 1 TE 2 Flex 1 DEF 10 bench. full ppr/ 6 pt passing touchdowns. email me at Jrkelly618@gmail.com for more details on the league and/or teams available. First come first serve. Thanks!
  3. 2 team dispersal! constitution below Players here: Jose Ramirez 3B | CLE Jack Flaherty SP | STL Yoan Moncada 3B | CHW Mike Soroka SP | ATL Eloy Jimenez LF | CHW Mike Minor SP | TEX Austin Meadows RF | TB Miles Mikolas SP | STL Yuli Gurriel 1B | HOU Merrill Kelly SP | ARI Kyle Schwarber LF | CHC Ryan Yarbrough RP | TB Tim Anderson SS | CHW Tanner Roark SP | TOR Cesar Hernandez 2B | CLE Brendan McKay SP | TB Daniel Vogelbach DH | SEA Zach Davies SP | SD Maikel Franco 3B | KC Jake Junis SP | KC Stephen Piscotty RF | OAK Dylan Cease SP | CHW Dansby Swanson SS | ATL Tyler Chatwood RP | CHC Carson Kelly C | ARI Alex Wood SP | LAD James McCann C | CHW Ariel Jurado SP | TEX Brendan McKay SP | TB Michael Fulmer SP | DET Xavier Edwards 2B | TB Jon Duplantier RP | ARI Nick Gordon SS | MIN Carlos Rodon SP | CHW Jordyn Adams CF | LAA Chance Adams RP | KC Aristides Aquino RF | CIN Jameson Taillon SP | PIT Hunter Dozier 3B | KC Triston McKenzie SP | CLE Eddie Rosario LF | MIN Aroldis Chapman RP | NYY Starlin Castro 2B | WAS Max Fried SP | ATL Joc Pederson LF | LAD Brad Hand RP | CLE Anthony Santander RF | BAL Alex Colome RP | CHW Nick Ahmed SS | ARI Jake Arrieta SP | PHI Dee Gordon 2B | SEA Nathan Eovaldi SP | BOS Christin Stewart LF | DET Vince Velasquez SP | PHI Renato Nunez DH | BAL Luke Jackson RP | ATL Niko Goodrum SS | DET Roenis Elias RP | WAS Greg Allen LF | CLE Nick Pivetta RP | PHI Enrique Hernandez 2B | LAD Jacob Waguespack SP | TOR Delino DeShields CF | CLE Sean Reid-Foley SP | TOR Isan Diaz 2B | MIA Taylor Widener SP | ARI Christian Vazquez C | BOS Kodi Medeiros RP | CHW C.J. Cron 1B | DET DJ Stewart RF | BAL Sean Murphy C | OAK Brent Rooker LF | MIN Bobby Bradley DH | CLE Monte Harrison CF | MIA Cole Tucker SS | PIT Odubel Herrera CF | PHI Lucius Fox SS | TB Jose Siri CF | SEA Daz Cameron CF | DET The Bush League Dynasty Constitution: 1. LEAGUE OVERVIEW The entry fee will be $200 and voted on in subsequent seasons by all of the owners. Total payments will be $250 for the first season, and $200 in subsequent seasons (each owner will pay $50 that rolls over to your entry for the next season). This should help keep all owners interested and participating year-in and year-out. However, if a team decides to drop out, we will offer a $50 discount to a new owner. (If, for some reason, the league gets cancelled at any point, all funds incl the $50 rollover fee and everything the entire Dynasty Jackpot will be distributed evenly amongst all current owners) This is a dynasty league in which you may keep up to all 40 of your players in any given season. All rules are subject to change in successive seasons based on a league-wide majority vote. The league will be hosted on CBS – their minor league player database is the deepest League Fees will be paid and held through LeagueSafe League Format is H2H Points League with a three-round playoff. Commissioner: Travis Christ. Contact - tchrist00@gmail.com 2. OWNERS The league will have 16 owners, each managing their own team. Co-owners will be allowed. Each owner is asked to please promptly respond to any e-mails from league members or the Commissioner concerning league matters such as trades, voting, etc. Owners are free to trade at their own risk but any sign of collusion will be dealt with harshly and will lead to expulsion from the league. 3. FIRST YEAR AUCTION The initial league draft will be an extended (slow) auction starting in early February and will be held on Couch Managers. Although this is an auction draft, it's important to note, the auction is for DRAFT PURPOSES ONLY! Once the draft is over, players will lose any monetary value. Major League Auction - Each team is allotted $260 for 26 major league players consisting of 21 starters: 12 hitters and 9 pitchers, and 5 bench players of any position. Only players in the major leagues or with major league experience can be nominated in the major league auction. All foreign players and players in the minors are ineligible for this auction and must be drafted in the minor league auction which will be held directly after. Each team can nominate up to 3 players at a time, so there will be a maximum of 42 players on the board at any given time. We can increase the nominations part way through the auction if necessary. Once an owner’s nominated player is sold, they may then nominate a new major league player. A player becomes sold once a 12 hour time period has lapsed since the last bid has been made. Couchmanagers is set up for this type of Auction, so you can only have a max amount of bids out based on your budget remaining and your open roster spots. A major league player is designated as any player having more than one hundred thirty (130) plate appearances or fifty (50) innings pitched. For example: Aaron Judge has 95 Major League plate appearances, so he would not be available in the Major League Auction. He would only be available in the prospect auction. The Minor League Draft will be an auction running alongside/subsequent to the Major League Draft with each team allotted $140 budget on the 14 minor league players in Year 1. You may nominate up to 3 players here as well. Players that are eligible to be drafted in the minor league draft are any player in the minors or majors who are not Major League-eligible yet. To be "True Minor League Roster-eligible," a player, as of the end of the previous season, must have, over his career, accumulated no more than one hundred thirty (130) plate appearances or fifty (50) innings pitched. (Please see Aaron Judge example above for clarity). The Minor League Draft also includes any international players – these players MUST be in the CBS database, as you can’t draft a 12 year old kid from Cuba. 4. ROSTER COMPOSITION Rosters will be comprised of 26 major leaguers and 14 minor leaguers for a total of 40 players. The 26 major league players include 5 bench spots (can be used on any combinations of hitters and pitchers) and 21 starting players; 12 hitters and 9 pitchers. Hitters include a catcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop, three outfielders, MI, CI, and two utility men. Pitching staffs can be any combination of 9 starters and relievers. **Amendment (2017) - all active rosters must included at least 2 RP at all times. This will be self-monitored** **Amendment 2 (2019) - CBS has changed the roster options and we will now have 2 RP / 7 P slots for all active rosters. ** During the season, each team will also have a max of 5 DL spots. However, when determining keepers at the close of a season, the total # of players able to be kept is still 40 (You can possibly end a season with 45 total players if each DL spot is being used) Each hitter, as long as they are under 400 ABs, can be slotted into either a Major League or Minor League position. The same goes for each pitcher under 200 IPs. However, players who are eligible for minor league roster spots can only be activated to a major league roster spot by being "called up" by the owner (this happens by posting on the league's message board). Once a player has been "called up," he can be "sent down" to the minor league roster spot only once (again, by posting the on league's message board) before he is considered a major league player upon his second callup. At this point, he must remain on the active major league roster or be dropped/traded. If a player is promoted to the major league roster, and the owner didn’t follow the proper procedure of posting on the message board, those stats will not count. If a player is dropped/traded, his previous call-ups & demotions will reset. If an owner has a player with greater than 400 AB’s or 200 IP in their minor league roster (as CBS won’t monitor this), the below sliding scale penalties will come into effect: First offense - Warning Second offense - Loss of $250 in FAAB money. If you don't have $250 left at the time of the infraction, the penalty will carry over to next season. Third offense - Loss of offending player. Essentially, it is up to every owner to monitor their own rosters and make sure that these infractions never occur. Please note that bench spots can also be used for minor leaguers if you would like, so the true total number of minor leaguers that you can have on your roster is 19. *** (the below was added in July 2017 based on an owner's vote) The above sliding scale penalties will also be in effect for players residing in a DL slot for more than two (2) days after they are activated from the real-life MLB DL. ***(the below was added in January 2018 for clarification) The call-up / send-down transactions will be reset after each season. The penalties for offenses will also be reset after each season so each owner starts from scratch. 5. IN-SEASON ROSTER MANAGEMENT Teams will have a FAAB budget of $1,000 to add players during the seaon. FAAB will run twice a week. Any player is eligible to be added as long as they are listed in CBS' database with the exception of players drafted in the June Amateur Draft and any international players who signed after the start of the season. There is a limit of 7 moves per week. $0 bids are allowed. Trades can be made at any time. FAAB money can not be traded. Draft picks up to two years in advance can also be traded. The trade deadline will be August 15th of each year. No trades will be allowed between that date and the end of the fantasy season. Trades will then be allowed once the season is over and can continue even after keepers are chosen and during the draft. All trades will be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner. The Commissioner will approve all trades UNLESS there is evidence of collusion between the parties or if one party evidences the desire to quit. If collusion occurs, both parties involved will be asked to leave the league. In order for a trade to get processed both teams must post the trade terms to the league message board. Other owners are welcome to give their thoughts, but unless there will be no rigid veto process – this is a dynasty league and owners are free to do what they want with their team. In the time period right after the last regularly scheduled FAAB and opening day, FAAB will run daily and players that are injured can be moved to the DL even if not yet placed on the real life DL. 6. OFF-SEASON ROSTER MANAGEMENT In the off season, there will be a combined major league and minor league snake draft to add new players. Teams will receive one pick for each open spot that they have. If a team desires to keep all 40 of their players they will forfeit all of their picks. Once the draft starts no more players can be dropped, however trades are still allowed. A minimum of 10 players must be kept each season. The draft order is based on reverse order of finish from the prior year. Final order is determined by the playoff outcome to determine the last six draft spots (champion gets 16th pick, runner up gets 15th, etc). The first ten spots are determined by final regular season standings. In the event of a tie in the standings, H2H record will be the first tiebreaker (with the losing team receiving the higher pick). If H2H record is even, a coin flip with be used to determine the draft order. 7. FORMAT AND SCORING Two (2) teams face each other in a Head-to-Head matchup each scoring period. Each team earns points based on statistics accumulated by its players during the applicable Weekly Scoring Period. Point values are listed in the table below. For each Head-to-Head style matchup, the team with the greater number of points during a Weekly Scoring Period will earn a Win and the team with the lesser number will earn a Loss. Ties will occur, and will remain as ties. In the event of a tie in the playoffs, the team with the best regular season record will advance. The next tie-breaker will be H2H Record. Batting Category Point Value Pitching Category Point Value Single 1 pt Win 7 pt Double 2 pt Save 7 pt Triple 3 pt Quality Start 3 pt Home Run 4 pt Strikeout 0.5 pt RBI 1 pt Base on Balls -1 pt Run 1 pt Innings Pitched 3 pt Base on Balls 1 pt Hits Allowed -1 pt Stolen Base 2 pt Earned Runs -1 pt Strikeout -0.5 pt Hit Batsman -1 pt Caught Stealing -1 pt Loss -5 pt Hit by Pitch 1 ptDaily lineup changes will be permitted throughout the course of the season based on the format of our rosters. Lineups must be submitted at least 5 minutes before the start of each player's respective game. All changes after this time period will not take effect. If a team does not have the appropriate players activated, then they will receive 0 points for that day and will automatically default. 8. PLAYOFFS There are no divisions. The teams with the six best records will make the playoffs. The teams with the two best records will receive first round byes. The playoffs will begin in Week 22. Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Total Points Scored, then Head to Head Record, and then Points Against. Playoff ties will be resolved in this fashion: Most regular season wins, followed by H2H record. The finals will last for two weeks. Non playoff teams will still play to determine the final standings. 9. YEARLY AWARDS & DYNASTY JACKPOT Total Pot - $3200 CBS Entry Fee - $149.95 First Place - $1400 Second Place - $700 Third Place - $300 Best Regular Season Record - $400 Dynasty Jackpot - $250 ($250 will be added to the jackpot until it is won) The dynasty jackpot will be awarded to the first team to win 3 championships (does not need to be sequential). Once a team has won 3 league championships, the jackpot will start again at $250. Any questions or revisions, please contact the Commissioner at tchrist00@gmail.com Rules subject to change. Thanks!