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  1. He just has such a nose for the end zone when he gets close, it’s actually uncanny. And what’s more impressive is that he’s not some big, bruising back that’s just bowling people over. Sure, I wouldn’t bank on him scoring 15+ tds again next year. But I’d feel very comfortable slotting him in for 10-12 minimum.
  2. I wouldn’t count on it. Even if he’s active, I don’t see him getting much run if any. Damien’s holding it down pretty well right now.
  3. No way I’d take Bell, Devin, Gurley, Miles or Carson over him. But to each his own.
  4. Maybe for touchdowns. There's no reason to believe his yardage, receptions, etc can't all increase.
  5. If you believe in the talent though, you can use that uncertainty to try and drive his price down a bit right now. His value could be even higher come May.
  6. A lot of folks didn’t give them a chance now for two weeks running...
  7. Same. To come in and play like he did as a sixth round pick that no one expected to see the field, I’d say he did a pretty good job.
  8. He barely had over 200 carries last year. And Demarco was already 28 and in the twilight of his career when he came to Tennessee.
  9. She’s pretty slight. I guess if she takes it to the house? I don’t want to see her get tackled by a linebacker.
  10. That call on Hollister was way less than what Rudolph did lol
  11. Well, on the positive side it did save Henry’s body a ton of wear and tear. This was really his first year in the NFL getting a bellcow workload.