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  1. Yeah, I mean they kind of go hand in hand to me in general. All those stupid, drive-ending sacks Kyle Allen took last year and the head-scratching interceptions that he threw should be much less frequent with Teddy.
  2. As someone who lives in NC and watched every Panther game last year, I would be shocked if the QB situation isn’t improved.
  3. Not to mention he’s one of, if not the best, Blocking TE in the league as well. There may not be a player more deserving of a huge contract extension in the league.
  4. Yes, but DGB never sniffed a season like DJ just had, with shoddy, inconsistent QB play at that. Oh, and at age 22. Say what you will about Teddy, but he’s certainly an upgrade over Kyle Allen.
  5. My argument isn’t that he should be your teams WR1 this year, and if you draft correctly he shouldn’t be. I’m saying he could finish as a WR1. He’s still super young, and so is his qb who he demonstrated good chemistry with last year. It’s hardly a stretch to say they’ll both improve and he’ll be even more consistent in his third year.
  6. Not to mention a 8/104 2TD line three weeks prior...
  7. Yes, he got hurt late in the Chargers game Week 14. Ankle injury, and was in a boot after the game. He missed the following game in Oakland and clearly wasn't 100% in the final two.
  8. It should be noted he was also playing through injury in the latter part of the season when his production dipped. I’m with you, I think he could certainly finish as a WR1 this year. He has the draft capital, the athletic profile and the opportunity.
  9. This dude had 300 carries his freshman year and zero receptions. I don't even know how that's possible.
  10. I don't see Laird having very much of a role unless Howard or Breida go down to be honest. He looked positively ordinary to me last year.
  11. Y’all wilin’ if you think GB is going to spend significant draft capital on a rb after what my boy AJ just did last year.
  12. I agree with you. Alphas gonna alpha. Air raid or not, the best players command the ball, and that’s what he’s going to do.
  13. You appear to be implying that WWE is...fake?
  14. People were crazy for thinking that was ever going to happen. Arians has already dealt with him firsthand in Pitt. He now has a very small window with arguably the greatest QB to ever play the game, and people thought he was going to sabotage that with this nut job when he already has the best WR tandem in football?