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  1. You can’t say they’ve tried when the most rushing attempts Moss has in a game is EIGHT.
  2. Carrying the team to come from behind wins against the NY Jets. Very impressive. I don’t think they had a rushing attempt other than Josh Allen until the second quarter. Maybe they should try, you know, running the ball with a running back. We’ll see if Allen can continue carrying the team with Russell and Kyler coming up in Weeks 8 and 9.
  3. And two of those wins have been against the worst team in the league, and they’ve also played the Dolphins...
  4. Well, they probably need to change up something, because what they’re doing isn’t working. Allen isn’t a good enough passer of the football to rely on him to win games for you. Better start establishing a run game if they want to make any noise this year.
  5. I would certainly add Edmonds over him, and probably Hasty too. That kid looks electric and may get a real opportunity in the next couple weeks. But I think I’d hold Jamaal over the others.
  6. If that were Dillon his tree trunks would have magically fastened to the pavement, protecting him from any potential harm.
  7. I’m going to rewatch the game and take a shot every-time I hear moon ball
  8. If you watched the game it’s clearly on Gardner. Dude is simply not a starting caliber QB. He won’t be starting next week.
  9. As expected, it was his show. Great plug and play option for us AJ owners.
  10. Why would you have him rostered then haha? If you’re not playing him this week I’m not sure when you will