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  1. League is now full. Thanks to those who registered an interest.
  2. Yes, I would take this all day. Lamb may see minutes with Batum going to supposed 3.
  3. I'm having a difficult time making a decision to either drop Adebayo or Bell. This is a standard 9 cat dynasty league. Not really looking to contend this year. Who do you think as the most long term potential?
  4. Tough one to decide. Hezonja is more proven and can provide popcorn stats here and there. So I would say he is the safer bet. I like Osman, I think he has potential, but that’s where it ends at this moment in time. Will he produce given the minutes fantasy wise? Who knows? I think a lot of people will go for Osman in the very late rounds hoping for a steal. It could swing either way.
  5. Rubio and Anderson for sure. Knight is clearly the high risk, high reward player. If you're trying to win now. Probably woundnt take that option. Bell has potential, but I just don't see it happening for him this year - Looney will defiantly be vying for minutes and is somewhat undervalued. Me personally I think Looney is the better option this year. I would defiantly gamble on Hezonja. He will give you some popcorn stats here and there and looks to be the starter at NYK Lin would also be another gamble in ALT - his just too risky to take and better left on the wire.
  6. Yeah, I would forget Cousins, if you're trying to win now. For me it's a toss up between Murray or JRich. I would probably go with JRich.
  7. Actually l would probably hold off on the Turner/Gobert deal. With that first and Millsap I would try and negotiate a deal for Middleton or Klay. They are both decent rebounders too and will add so much more then Gobert. Maybe keep Turner, at least you know you're getting blocks Simmons, Paul and hopefully Murray will provide assists. Maybe fox will contribute too. If you add another elite steals guy, you will.look good to.go.
  8. Thoughts on a otto porter Bogdanovic trade?
  9. Erm, I thought you were getting the pick? That may change slightly. Depending on where you think you’re going to finish this season. Turner Was a real let down last year, I know because I was one of those who spent an high pick for him. Do you think he will improve? I’m not convinced. With Gobert you know exactly what you’re getting and with you set up. Surely you’re winning 3 cats on a weekly basis. FG% | BLK | REB | surely won’t be too far from PTS either. If you can plug the hole for 3PTM and some STL. You should be on your way. If if you could get your hands on someone like Klay, Kyle Anderson or Middleton or at least two of those. I think you would be on your way. Me personally I think we have seen the last of Millsap being fantasy relevant. Some people may disagree with that but I think age is catching up - I would try and offload him. What’s the rest of your roster looking like?
  10. Yeah, I agree I would take that all day long.
  11. Nice trade, definitely prefer Dipo over Kyrie in terms of fantasy value. I think you have traded Whiteside at the right time too and will get better value with Capela. I think Jackson for Wiggins is equal. Wiggins is fantasy trash in my opinion and hurts you in important categories. Personally I’m not a fan of Jackson either and seems to me that the suns are even unsure of him. But he has time to turn it around. Overall the the team is good. I think Reggie’s time is up and much prefer ish over him in terms of fantasy. Val’s role is not certain at Toronto, but provides rebounds. Dragic may have one more season left in him. Like the other guy has mentioned here already, I think someone like Love would be a very good addition, even more so now his the guy to run things at the Cavs.