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  1. I am very curious go see people's take on him. Have some tough decisions to make and the PEDs make it hard to tell if he broke through or not
  2. I've owned Rendon since he came up, and he has had some really strong starts only to be derailed by Injury otherwise I feel he would have touched 30 HR a few times. I feel if he stays healthy, he will offer very good production
  3. Not top 100? Somebody started early tonight..
  4. Mean Joe oozes talent. I think he will thrive this season and I think the new regime will give less of the pie to Bernard this year.
  5. 111 RBI in 463 AB...Is that some kind of modern era record? He has the 2nd most RBI in the league and most of the names on that list have 70-80 more AB
  6. This guy is nasty... Easily a top 10 SP imo
  7. I think the Nats are going to pony up for him. I cant imagine them losing Harper AND Rendon. Plus, Rendon may be a better real-life player than harper and should come cheaper
  8. Have to think his best sb days are behind him unfortunately. Sucks for those who drafted him for a 15+/35+ type campaign
  9. This guy has been unbelievably good this year. Batting .329 with a 94/29/104 slash line in only 444 AB is absurd. Hes having a better year than Arenado in 40 less AB and im starting to wonder if there is a discussion to be had there for next year
  10. Any idea why he didn't make his scheduled start yesterday?
  11. Thats what I want to know. Why do guys like Harper or Arenado not have 40 already
  12. He was throwing 4 pitches yesterday... Fastball and slider are legit, and I saw at least one strikeout on his curveball and changeup At least according to CBS
  13. I would say an optimistic take on this is mid 2020. Just my opinion, hoping sooner...
  14. This guy has quietly had a nice past 30 days. Starting to draw more walks and get base hits. The two bombs last night certainly help!