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  1. I realize Lamet has a "bicep injury", but he outperformed almost every pitcher in the league this year. Unless you think he has a major injury, it seems like a major oversight to not include him in your top 20
  2. Sixto and Greinke ahead of Lamet seems a bit if a reach. Unless you think his bicep injury lingers?
  3. Its just a shame he doesnt try to run more. If he could chip you in 15 or so steals a year he would be much more attractive as a roto option IMO
  4. Well he is batting 3rd today maybe he will stick there
  5. I have noticed that, kind of sucks from a fantasy owner perspective as well. Definitely like him higher in the order..
  6. This guy has been on fire for the last month or so
  7. He was touching 101 with the fastball at times as well. Electric arm
  8. Does anybody have a good source to see the starting pitchers for the Padres double header today? Rotowire shows Clevinger and RIchards, but I thought Lamet was slated for Saturday and should be pitching...
  9. Lamet has some of the best stuff in the bigs
  10. Anyone know why Montas isn't pitching?
  11. Guy has been killing it, outproducing all my studs in only 100 AB. Hopefully he can sustain
  12. Well he had 33 last year in 549 AB so maybe a happy medium of 35 upside is more like it. Kind of splitting hairs though