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  1. Definitely refreshing as opposed to the "we aren't risking our lives unless we get full pay" crowd
  2. A large number of people in this thread arent/havent
  3. Exactly. So we are talking about a mortality rate among moderate to severe cases. Not mortality rate of anyone who contracts the disease. I agree wholeheartedly that percentage doesn't really tell the whole story
  4. The thing nobody takes into account is the amount of people who feel a little sick and dont bother getting tested. Which I would imagine is a huge number of people. If all these people were tested, the mortality rate would be quite a bit lower. Most people getting tested are more severe cases who feel they need medical attention
  5. Yeah it's too bad Hilary wasn't at the helm for this disaster. She would have pulled us through this already.. I'm sure you're disappointed
  6. I'm sure our country will be as capable as any of getting through this. For those praising China and denouncing our government, you are always free to hop on a boat and sail somewhere else
  7. Threw a 35 pitch bullpen, said he felt good and threw all pitches. Would imagine he will be ready to go whenever the season begins
  8. I think he will be ready to make his first start right away, so I think so
  9. I'm thinking drafts should be postponed if the season gets postponed. Wouldnt make sense to draft a team right now if games dont end up starting for a couple months
  10. Its inevitable at this point. All it takes is one player getting it and every team they recently played would have to be quarantined. Sucks
  11. Cant disagree. Although I'm a pessimist and think it's a matter of time before all the young flamethrowers have Tommy John so I worry about them too
  12. Slightly concerning, although he did say he plans to make his next start on Sunday and classified it as fatigue. We shall see
  13. I believe they will have Mercado hitting between Lindor and Ramirez in the 2 hole like he was last year. Time will tell though
  14. I think his point is that Ramirez also scores runs, hits HR, gets RBI, and bats for a good average + steals bases. That being said, Nolan has done better in those 4 categories most years and has been more consistent.
  15. To be fair, Ramirez has a higher ceiling than Arenado. But Arenado is so incredibly consistent that I'd have to agree with you