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  1. If McKinnon can stay healthy this year I see this being the Mostert and McKinnon show. It may start out with Mostert and Coleman but I believe Coleman is done. I was kinda hoping we would get rid of Coleman and McKinnon and keep Brieda but oh well.
  2. What's funny about Gore's age is that he can still out shine most of the younger players, oblivously exception being not the top RBs.
  3. Other owner would get either both Godwin and Evans he has D. Adams he said hes keeping or just take 1 of the WRs and I give him my next round pick which would be 4th round before keepers and 2nd round after keepers.
  4. All main RB are being kept so if I didnt keep Singletary or Sanders id probably be screwed and everyone in the league thi year is keeping 2 except 1 who i keeping 1 and after keeper rounds I have 1st pick
  5. Id trade Evans or Godwin for Mahomes cuz he is a keeper for another team before the draft and Mahomes would come to be basically as my 3rd rounder in the draft. he wouldnt be my keeper per say as id keep both rbs
  6. I am in a 16 team keeper league we can keep up to 2 players but don't have to keep anyone. I am thinking of keeping both singletary and sanders as young RBs to build around my team but in doing so would mean I lose a round 1 and 2 pick. I guess my question is are they worth keeping for round 1 and 2 picks? I plan on trading Mike Evans or Godwin whichever he wants for Mahomes then all I gotta do is concentrate on is WRs basically. Also I am not keeping Evans or Godwin so don't say I should keep them instead of a RB I won't do it as far as im concerned it's a RB or none at all. So any input at all keep 1 or 2, both or no RBs at all? Thanks for any help.
  7. If this was me and you DONT have to keep 4 keepers but just have the option to if you wanted....Id go Mack, Singletary and Juju, You will get a 1st and 2nd round picks and Eckler could still be there at your pick if no one better is available, however Eckler is good and would not fault you for keeping him too. I am just looking at the round values and the chance you may have to get someone better. Good Luck
  8. If you keep just 1 keep Lamar if its 2 keepers then Lamar and Singletary.
  9. May or May not be anything you never now with the patriots Sony Michel (illness) is questionable for Week 17 against the Dolphins. Michel was just added to the injury report 24 hours prior to kick-off. Late additions are always troublesome, but the Patriots are more diligent with adding every single player they can to the injury report than any other team in the NFL. Michel offers touchdown-upside as an RB2 this week given the opponent and must-win nature of this game for New England. Pay attention to inactive reports tomorrow morning before locking in lineups. Rex Burkhead and James White would be more intriguing plays if Michel can't shake his illness
  10. Tanny is the one to start here, more upside as you said both Brees and Mahomes may not play much at all.
  11. I'd sit Michel think Pats will sit players and as for defense I like Steelers
  12. Someone dropped A. Miller and I picked him up. As of this minute I have A. Miller, J. Watson, and Renfrow starting.
  13. Barkley, Henry(if hes 100% if he's not go A. Jones ), Drake Tannehill - I wanna say Mahomes or Brees but think they may not play the whole game so Tanny it is. Higbee Patroits