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  1. My #1 target next year!! He is a freight train πŸš‚
  2. I hope your right!! I have as a 9th round keeper next year.
  3. 12 team .5 ppr QB: Watson RB: D. Cook RB: Ingram WR: D. Adams WR: M. Thomas WR: Gallup/TY TE: Kelce Flex: D. Singletary/R. Mostert K: W. Lutz DST: Patriots
  4. If you looking for a wildcard or a boone play here he is.
  5. Come on boone be that League winner in 2019!!
  6. We only have one week sample size to Go off. To me they used him like cook. I need a homerun so using boone for that huge swing.
  7. Wish me luck need Homer as Watson put me behind 8 ball. Rolling with boone!!
  8. I am in same boat πŸš£β€β™€οΈ
  9. I don’t know Concerned over Daks shoulder. If Dak was 100% would agree its a smash spot.
  10. Is Hilton practicing in full? Is that why no updates on him? I might have to play him my other options are kirk and gallup both have own problems.
  11. Doc watched video and says high ankle Sprain. BOONE BOOM SZN
  12. Yep. Word is Mattison High ankle sprain. Hope most of us got Boone off the wire.