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  1. A miracle. 85.1 PPR points between Miles and Saquon. My entire team yesterday turned into a damn hospital wing between Guice, Jacobs, Penny, Chark...not to mention Thielen already out. Had Russ Wilson put up anywhere close to his season output, it'd be more like 70 points combined, and I could at least have the slightest hope, but now...
  2. 16-team PPR auction league (can keep up to 4 players every year for increased auction cost): QB: Kyler Murray RB: Kamara, Sanders, Guice, Penny WR: Julio, Adams, Sutton, Gallup TE: Hunter Henry, Fant K: streaming DST: streaming Ended the season 4-9 AFTER a 3 game win streak to close it out. I had no hope after Cam was useless at QB since this league covets the position. The only guys available were Kyle Allen and the like early on. I also faced a number of teams on their best weeks and had by far the most points against in the league. I had Lindsay to start the season, but traded him for Kyler after my season was lost (I’ll be able to keep him next year at least).
  3. I have Saquon, Josh Jacobs, and M. Sanders in my RB/RB/Flex spots ... and Guice on the bench! I actually considered playing Guice instead of Barkley because of the way the Giants have been using him, but decided to stick with it. That decision will likely cost me the win. Hopefully it won't cost me a playoff spot...
  4. It is disappointing, indeed, but I wouldn't say 19/83 and 3/32 (on 7 targets, no less) is a terrible stat line. I didn't watch the game, so I don't know about the 4 missed targets, or if they were on Jones or Saquon, but I wouldn't say he's done. GB's defense isn't terrible, and it was played in snow. Not ideal. That being said, they could definitely use him a lot better (see CMC).
  5. I started Russell Wilson, Saquon, Jacobs, OBJ, Chark, Griffin, and Guice against Mayfield, Singletary, Royce Freeman, DJ Moore, Lockett, Waller, and Scarborough. I was projected to win fairly convincingly, so I thought it would be close. I didn’t think I’d be down by more than 20 with my opponent still having Greg the Leg still to play and me having nothing going into tomorrow! Holy Underperformances Batman!
  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing them as a solid option. Not only that, they have Chicago this week (which is why I’m streaming NYG), then GB in 13 (don’t want that matchup, obviously), but Philly/Miami/Washington (who the NYG dominated on defense earlier in the year, BTW) is not terribly daunting.
  7. Ooh...the rare “inter-city/cross-team” stack. An unusual and generally ineffective tactic, but I wish you luck! (I’m guessing you meant Sam [Darnold], not Baker [Mayfield] ... of the Cleveland Browns.) Though to bring it back to Griffin, as others have said, with injuries and bye weeks, Herndon done, and especially no Njoku this week (who I’d definitely stack with Sam if he were playing) to save the day as many thought would happen, Griffin is as good a bet as any. I’m playing him with Hunter Henry on bye over other FA guys like Brate, Witten, Jonnu Smith, Hock, or Dwelly (even if Kittle isn’t back).
  8. Just a mere 41 points from Russ. It is a 6-pt/td league, so ... any given Monday?
  9. Thanks everyone. I have Hilton, which is why I picked up Pascal. Thinking of playing him. As a follow up, waivers processed in the meantime, and no one claimed Gordon, so I picked him up while not having to burn the waiver position. I want to see how he fares in Seattle.
  10. Question then is: do I play him over any of the other guys, and who in Flex? OBJ/Sutton at WR, Barkley/Jacobs at RB. Flex is ??? Watkins, Stills, Pascal, Campbell, M. Sanders?
  11. Not much else is available. Stills, Harry (NE), Miller, Tate (bye).
  12. 12-team PPR league. Flash Gordon is on waivers. I have #1 waiver position. I’m hurting a bit at WR, especially after the Hilton injury. Do I burn the #1 position on Gordon? My WR are OBJ, Sutton, Watkins, Hilton/Pascal/Campbell (when Hilton went down, I picked up both Pascal and Campbell to see how things shook out). I have Barkley, Jacobs, M. Sanders, Mattison and Guice (IR) at RB, and Henry at TE. I also have Wilson at QB, so I like the idea of the Wilson/Gordon stack. I hate burning the #1 WW, but I also don’t want to hold it and never use it. Thanks, and WHIR.
  13. I wouldn't do it. First, I don't trust any NE RB...EVER! Second, TE is a premier position in the league if you have one of the top guys, and you do. Your RB are fine as is. Don't mess with it for now. If anything, I'd look to shore up your WR.