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  1. Need a few new active owners for a new Keeper League based on auction format draft and keepers. League has custom scoring unlike other leagues with some points for fielding to add another level of challenge. League is made of seasoned owners that actively trade, manage rosters and use the smack board. If interested please reply to email or message me with your email address. https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=56270981
  2. League Link: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=56270981
  3. Free ESPN League NOT for those looking for basic scoring. First year throwback league primarily made up of seasoned Fantasy Baseball Owners. Unlike any league you have probably joined in the past. Auction Draft with initial season up to 10 keepers which will increase over time. Keepers based on draft price to add to challenge. Scoring custom with some fielding stats. League meant for challenging owners with minimal bench spots to encourage waivers. League is a democracy when it comes to rule changes and intended for active owners that will respond to trade requests and actively maintain roster. If interested shoot me your email in a private message or by replying to this listing! Draft tentatively scheduled for March 2nd 8pm EST.
  4. While not as popular of a streamer Jared Walsh also showed not starting Tuesday when he was at 1B. Seems they have a big bug the 2-way player scoring in general now.
  5. Same exact issue for me in my leagues. Chatted with ESPN yesterday and they assured me would be fixed in 1-2 days. Last night points showed but then disappeared again by morning. 😡
  6. Second year for very competitive H2H Point Keeper League. Currently there's a few teams we need replacement owners who will remain active throughout the season and off-season. The right candidate will respond to trade offers and engage with league members. Currently there are 6 keepers going into 2018-2019 Season. Draft is Auction. The core group of owners are very commited and play in all 4 fantasy sports. Please respond or message me with your name and email for additional info and if interested in joining. Thanks! http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league?leagueId=235550
  7. We are looking for a few replacements for an extremely competitive 2nd year Keeper League. This is a FREE League and not a Money League. We use custom scoring which is reviewed and voted upon annually for changes based on league consensus and are looking to fill in the replacement owners for some less active squads before finalizing scoring changes. For 2018/2019 Season there are 6 keepers you would still get to choose from. http://games.espn.com/fhl/leagueoffice?leagueId=42269&seasonId=2018 The ideal replacement candidates are owners who: Update rosters daily Respond to all trade offers Actively vote on league polls and share opinions and feedback on league scoring and policies Stands for the Anthem This league is extremely active. We use the ESPN App and Smack Board more than 99.99% of the ESPN Leagues out there. If interested in joining please message your e-mail address
  8. I am glad to hear its only a bruise but haven't seen any updates on potential return. Are there any estimates on how long he will be on the DL for?
  9. Really think he is most valuable at 9th? I still dont understand why Gardner is leading off still, seems to be these 2 should be flipped in the lineup