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  1. Problem is, unless I entirely missed it, Cincinnati has not announced whether it even is lisfranc.
  2. Everything I've found online states that even mild lisfranc injuries would be treated with a non weight bearing boot/cast. I think he may sit thru the bye, but I'm encouraged by the walking and 'dancing' during practice and lack of a boot/cast/crutches.
  3. They surely had the MRI results no later than sometime Tuesday. All strange, even without an official announcement from the team a good aggressive beat reporter would at least have a source within the team. Even just an anticipating good or bad results, or whatever ..... I had/have Chubb and Sutton in other leagues and early inside info from beat reporters on both was spot on (unfortunately)
  4. John Daigle @notJDaigle · 16m Only update from Taylor was that Mixon “should practice” this week . Stay tuned.
  5. Lockett/Metcalf were both on my "want" list this year. Both available and I chose Lockett when my gut was screaming take a chance on the upside of Metcalf. Head said Lockett would be safer in a PPR and will be Wilson's security blanket. Lockett will still be "good" but Metcalf looks "special" and certainly looks like Wilson knows that too. Hopefully opposing D's start rolling coverage to Metcalf and open things up for Tyler.