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  1. Tried sending you an email on Team 3 but it got rejected saying invalid email.
  2. Minor league players that are cut, are they able to be signed by other teams or are they just furlough?
  3. In dynasty league which would you rather have Gavin Lux or Julio Rodriguez This is a dynasty league and no contracts or timeframe tied with either player
  4. It was a joke due to low attendance but Florida Governor did say the following ”"As much as I hate to say it, (the Marlins) are not selling out ... It's kind of social distancing anyways because the stadium is usually only about a quarter full," Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday on Sean Hannity's radio show while was discussing how Americans "need baseball back."
  5. Rumor has it they will start allowing fans back In Miami, Tampa and Baltimore first. They have been known to practicing social distancing for a while now.
  6. I am not familiar with Yahoo Pro Leagues but from my understanding a 3rd party (yahoo) oversees trades etc to make sure there is fairness in the league. I am not saying you did but I was curious in your original post why you began asking do you think this trade will get vetoed. To me that threw up red flags. I guess when I make trades I don’t assume that they could get vetoed. Once again I don’t know how often trades in Yahoo Pro Leagues get vetoed and I am not saying you have two teams in the league. Btw I was okay with the first trade and didn’t see problems with it.
  7. Corey Seager and Brandon Workman for Marcus Semien and Giancarlo Stanton
  8. Fwiw it was determined he was colluding. The guy had 3 teams. After this trade he traded with another team whom hadn’t set his lineup all year. Going to finish the year out since I have $ on the line but walking after this year. Thanks for everyones opinion but had a suspicion.
  9. I said thanks for the feedback. It is what it is and unless the Commish reverse it, I have to live with it. I know it is collusion and it is not going to effect my team or chances of winning. We shall if the team trading Gordon/Jones sets his lineup or keeps bye players in his starting lineup like he did the previous 3 weeks. A team doesn’t randomly sign in at 1am and makes a trade offer after being off for 3 weeks and the receiving team accepts the trade 2 minutes later all while the rest of the US is asleep.
  10. Yeah I have played with the same group for 3 years. I am not involved in the trade. I am sitting 2nd in the league and this trade is between teams that are in the bottom 3rd of the league. The LM has already reversed the first trade for it was the same minus Jones. He was not in the 1st trade Thanks for you guys feedback
  11. He doesn’t even own Guice. Brissett is a waiver wire qb. He has Cousins, Newton, K Allen and Big Ben.
  12. Failed to mention the team trading Gordon/Jones hasn’t set his lineup in 3 weeks. One team signs in at 12:59 pm and accepting team gets on at 1:01am to accept the trade. Using FanstasyPros rankings both ROS and dynasty Gordon 32 dynasty. 17 ROS jones 119 and 54 sanders 148 and 69 peterson 204 and 84 williams 107 and 55 brisset 178 and 144 not sure how you guys see it even close
  13. Dynasty league Melvin Gordon Ronald Jones for Adrian Peterson Emmanuel Sanders Jacoby Brissett Damien Williams Thoughts