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  1. I’m interested and I’m very active throughout the season. Please email me jvela924@gmail.com. Thanks!
  2. Aoki? I assume you're talking about Akiyama...
  3. Hello, is this thing happening?? Week 1 is almost over I would need to change the lineup and stuff if i’m gonna run this team. Thanks.
  4. I'm a very happy Garver owner and in first place so can't complain, but he has been no better than guys like Tom Murphy, Danny Jansen, Yan Gomes lately. Do you think the Twins will magically decide to play the guy more often? They've had a clear plan that he will sit frequently, more than other starting catchers, and his production has dropped off. Just curious what your reasoning is to so firmly hold.
  5. My HIGHLY scientific projections were off haha, but the sentiment still holds. Twins are 2-2 without Cruz, and playing at .500 will not get them into the playoffs. Indians are now .5 GB. Twins' season is over. They weren't saving anyone for the playoffs.
  6. Would be classic Twins to give these at bats to Adrianza or someone else, but as a Garver owner, really hoping he just stays at Dh while Cruz is out and plays everyday. He's earned it for sure.