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  1. email is in case you need to reach out
  2. I'm looking for a dynasty league. Either ESPN or Fantrax works for me, I use both! Prefer free, but won't rule out league cost leagues.
  3. I need two more owners for my now 12 team league for my dynasty idp league. I want to start drafting today so please respond at Thank you!
  4. I need one more owner for my dynasty idp league. Its a 10 team league and its free. The league is fun and new and I would like to have someone who is competitive and passionate about fantasy football! If interested, please email me at Thank you and stay safe!
  5. My dynasty league is looking for more members to join. It is free and the league page can be found on this link PPR scoring. Lots of fun, everyone is friendly and good in terms of communication! Please reach out to me at if you're interested. Stay safe!
  6. Hello, I created an ESPN dynasty league with PPR scoring and with IDP included. It is free and I'm lookin for new members as quickly as possible. This is a 20 team league, so it is deep. If you're interested in joining, please email me at I'm looking for anyone who has a passion for football, is knowledeable about fantasy football, and loves to be competitive and have fun. If you have any questions please feel free to email me with your questions. Thank you!
  7. I'm looking for a ESPN dynasty league with both position players and IDP. I prefer free due to this coronavirus pandemic. Shoot me an email at
  8. I'm looking for one owner for my ESPN fantasy football dynasty league. I'm looking for someone who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and will be fun to chat with and compete against in. This is a 16 team league, ppr scoring, and we have a three round rookie draft every year. I will post the link to the league here and please email me at if interested. First come first serve. Thank you and look forward to meeting you! Link for league page:
  9. is this a dynasty league or redraft?
  10. looking for a dynasty league, it can be with espn or fantrax. I would prefer free, and done most of my leagues on espn but i'm willing to try fantrax
  11. I need one replacement owner for my espn dynasty football league. I'm looking for someone who is active with trades, groupchat, and on the waivers. 16 team ppr and the team is already drafted. If interested email me at The team is southbay grilljockeys
  12. Hey I'm looking for 4 more members for my dynasty startup football league. 16 team, ESPN format, PPR, and trying to find competitive, active, and fun going members. If you're interested, please email me at
  13. im interested in the raiders
  14. I'm starting up a 16 team football dynasty league on the ESPN format. I'm looking for serious and attentive owners who will be competitive, trade, and have fun all at the same time. I'm making this league as realistic as possible by putting you in the GM seat and letting you run the team how you see fit. Roster size is 20 and you keep all 20. We have a full draft this year and next year we will kick off our first rookie draft! PPR scoring format and 8 team playoff format. Once the league is filled up, I will conduct a poll to which we will plan our draft which will be live. Link is pasted below and please email me first if you're interested at I look forward to meeting you all and making this the most fun league to be apart of!