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  1. League Size: 16 Teams Format: Dynasty - H2H Each Cat 6x6 Scoring: Batting (HR, R, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS), Pitching (QS, K, WHIP, SV, HLD, ERA) Lineups: Daily Roster Size: 27 MLB / 25 MiLB / 5 DL League Investment: $100 ($50/yr - this offseason we voted on pre-paying a year in advance) Dues: Fantrax Treasurer Communication: Slack (required) Looking for 2 replacements in an established and collaborative dynasty league. League features a solid and smart core group of owners that makes for a competitive atmosphere. We utilize an active Slack channel for all league communication (announcements, polls, trade talk, etc.) Both available teams are built to Win Now - full rosters will be provided to any potential applicants. If you’re interested and/or have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  2. Looking like four or five currently with some open invites out. Email sent
  3. It'll be a dynasty league so keep all after the initial draft
  4. League Size: 16 Teams Format: Dynasty - H2H Each Cat Lineups: Daily Host Site: Fantrax League Investment: $50 (Fantrax Treasury, includes Premium fees) Draft Style: Snake (Slow) Winnings: $720 payouts Hey all, I’m currently recruiting for a new dynasty league starting this 2019 season. I’m looking for members who’ll not only be active and stay engaged throughout the baseball season, but the offseason as well. As you can see from the “TBD” settings below, I hope to create a collaborative environment in which owners will have the opportunity to shape the league as we move forward. Consequently, Slack will be required for league communication. I hope to have a number of league votes on settings before the beginning of the season, as well as starting the inaugural draft as soon as the league is filled. If you’re interested in joining or if you happen to have any additional questions, please PM me. League Scoring Batting: HR, R, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS Pitching: QS, K, WHIP, SV, HLD, ERA Rosters: C 1B 2B SS 3B LF CF RF UTIL UTIL SP SP SP SP RP RP RP P P 19 Active - 6 Bench - 5 DL - 25 MiLB Playoffs 8 teams will advance to the playoffs. Matchups will be reseeded each round with the highest seed playing lowest seed Player Eligibility Teams will use Fantrax player default eligibility Minor League Player Eligibility Batters: Players that have accrued less than 130 AB or less career regular season Pitchers: Players that have accrued less than 50 IP or less career regular season Any player that has current real-life status on a minor league roster Payouts: Total Purse: $720 Champion: $250 Runner Up: $50 #1 Seed: $85 #2 Seed: $85 #3 Seed: $75 #4 Seed: $75 #5 Seed: $50 #6 Seed: $50 Payouts will be dispersed as soon as Fantrax Treasury allows for league investments to be allocated Trading In-season trade deadline: TBD by league vote Trades are highly encouraged to promote active league engagement. Veto system will be a 2-day window in which league owners will vote on proposed/accepted trades. Objection number/percentage will be voted on at a later date by league Inaugural League Draft Date: TBD by league vote Type: Snake (slow) League will vote on if we should include minor leaguers in initial draft or conduct additional MiLB draft Annual Prospect Draft During a TBD scheduled date during the off season, we will hold our annual 5 round prospect draft. Owners will not be required to make a pick in each round if they’re at the 25 MiLB roster limit
  5. I’ve heard his name quite a bit lately so I took a look at the numbers. And they scream regression to me. .132 BABIP 98.2% LOB That alone is enough for me to walk away. Throw in his lowly 5.12 K/9 along with a poor batted ball profile (25.5 GB%, 61.8% FB) and you get someone who’s very soon to be completely non-rosterable in all but the deepest of leagues.
  6. Can you send me some additional details as well? Thanks
  7. Bummer. Props to the kid for helping me to the 'ship. Hoping he picks up where he left off next season