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  1. The two games prior to @NE he had longs of 40 yards and 60 yards. It's not like he's playing a Jarvis Landry role out here.
  2. No that it means much, but he did have a couple of good games with Winston last year to close off the season. 10 catches on 18 targets - 209 yards 1TD - vs NO and @CAR Anytime he got targets he was decent last year, I think he'll be a solid piece for the 2nd half of the season. If anything happens to Mike or Desean, he should definitely be startable weekly.
  3. Out of curiosity what did you give up? Looking to sell my Mixon. Also, Aaron Jones could be a sell high. If not this week he's got @ DET and vs SF before the bye week. If you're good at RB he could fetch quite a lot after these next couple of games.
  4. I don't understand. He put up 40 yards on the first drive. Didn't even get a carry until 2nd half.
  5. I think Warner's wearing the green dot the rest of the season. Could have a top 10 year. Derwin James is also a beast. The way he's being used is incredible. Vander Esch is the guy I'm targeting ASAP. He will not lose that spot once he gets it. This kid will be a tackle machine in that situation with full time snaps.
  6. Hicks seems to always do well until he gets hurt. Off to a great start this year. Anybody playing him against IND tomorrow?
  7. I keep seing this stat that he's averaging 99.6 yards over his last 6 games. Can anybody who's actually seen at least a few of them speak on the type of continuity he's been showing? Simply a case of being fed targets or is this guy creating things out there?
  8. Care to elaborate on Drake? I'm a fan of the talent. Losing Sitton has to hurt though.
  9. Had some fun with it last year. Glad I was right about Julio. Let's try again. NE: Brady throws 45+ TD's before retiring after the SuperBowl (as the loser). MIA: Amendola plays all 16 games to catch 91 passes for 956 yards. BUF: Who cares... NYJ: Trade for Le'Veon Bell. LAC: The team stays healthy. (From this point forward.) DEN: Sutton leads the team in receiving touchdowns with 9. KC: Mahomes: 32 total TD's - 15 INT's OAK: Chucky has a great first year in the ugliest, most baffling way. OAK wins the division. PIT: Jaylen Samuels will have at least 1 RB1 performance for someone in their TE slot. BAL: Tucker breaks the NFL record with a 65 yard FG. CLE: Chubb will give fantasy owners abound chubs by week 8. Top 12 RB in 2nd half of season. CIN: Mixon is a top 5 back. IND: Luck leads the league in passing yards while throwing only 24 touchdowns. TEN: Adoree Jackson has a 200+ point fantasy year for players in IDP/return yardage leagues. HOU: JJ Watt - 20 sacks. JAX: Fournette #1 overall RB. 20 TD's. NYG: Saquon Barely...Significantly underperforms lofty (stupid, really...) projected stats. Injury in week 10 causes shut down and big finish for Gallman. DAL: 2500 total yards for EE. WAS: Thompson finishes RB 13 in half PPR formats. Proves last year was no fluke. PHI: Miss playoffs year after winning SB. Prove to be more cheese whiz then provolone. SEA: Lockett finally steps up to be the WR1 of the team while simultaneously setting an NFL record in return yards. (X2) ARI: Fitz ties the NFL record for receptions in a season. Father time keeps losing, for now. LAR: Goff helps foster 3 1000+ yard/5+ TD WR's with Cooks + Woods + Kupp. SF: Alfred Morris - 1200 total yards - 12 TD's. GB: Scorched Earth. Rodgers' sweet goodbye to Olivia Munn - NFL record 56 total TD's. MIN: Murray leeches 11 total TD's. Dalvin becomes the Julio of RB's. CHI: Anthony Miller catches 81 passes. Becomes the quiet leader at WR moving forward. DET: Kerryon finishes top 8. Detroit finally has a running game. TB: Evans overtaken by Godwin as #1 WR. Has least efficient season of hsi career. CAR: CJ Anderson and Newton combing for 14 rushing TD's. CMC still finishes top 8 RB in HPPR. NO: Kamara has equally efficient season to last year but with more touches. #1 overall pick in 2019. ATL: Matt Ryan throws 37 TD's. Julio doesn't get more than 9.
  10. What do we think could be a high end for his targets this year? I know he had 105 last year with apparently 290 targets being up for grabs. 120-130?
  11. Cutting down on those walks lately too. 3 in last 3 games after 9 in first 3.
  12. Leonys Martin could be a decent play. Camargo as well.
  13. 8 steals in the last 8 games. Can we expect him to continue being this aggressive one the basepaths?
  14. Pretty comfortably a top 20 OF since he started playing regularly. Is there room for improvement?
  15. It also just makes sense from a logistical standpoint. If Viz ***** the bed, swap him with Winkler. See how they both respond to their new roles. Winkler may just do nothing himself but it gives Viz a chance to build confidence back up and get back in there. Meanwhile, Minter can take his time honing his craft.