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  1. You’re right, he’s down 10-20% in most counting stats. I just meant he’s not down significantly in those. He’s only shooting one or so shot less and he’s shooting more FT/making them at a higher percentage. And his TO are down as well. My only point is there’s reason for optimism, I believe he can be top 20 once his shot starts going in, but if you’re more pessimistic, that’s fine too.
  2. Is your ego so high that you think any of this is about you? That I even remember your user name or care? It’s about discussing MitchRob. I play mostly $500 leagues. Some then are $100 and $200. Would you like to battle where I screenshot my leagues and my ranking in them then you post yours? Or I’ll post my leaguesafe from last year. I don’t think you’d want that. Anyway that trade was made after the draft but prior to the start of the season when Stifle’s value dropped. And you’re also wrong about that account. Most experienced owners are not insanely reactive about early bad starts. You’re also committing the logical fallacy that I think is called modus tollens but I’m not certain. Which is that you think because most of the good FT shooters are good in threes and points that most players who are bad in points must also be bad in FT. Punting isn’t about making that category as bad as possible, it’s about neglecting it in order to focus on other things. On a punt points team you could have very strong FT by having one anchor bc the rest of your team would be low volume.
  3. In the only league I drafted him I punted points/Ft. it was a snake otherwise I wasn’t targeting him. I traded my first which would have been Beal for Lowry, Draymond, Teague. My 2nd was Stifle, my third was Capela, and my fourth was MitchRob. Actually after the draft I decided I could soft punt points and ft so traded Stifle and Teague for Pascal and LaVine. So now the top half of my team is Lowry, LaVine, Draymond, Pascal, Capela, MitchRob. To your point. No, I didn’t intend to draft him and punt points, this is what snake forces you into. I’m sort of soft punting points/Ft but I don’t think it’s a hard punt. I don’t think punting points is de facto punting FT either, lots of medium scorers such as Jokic, Turner, Draymond, Roco, Oubre. Ball, Smart, Beverley (off the top of my head) who gain value in punt points without hard punting FT. These guys have a lot in common, most of them are “metrics” players who derive most of their value from stocks and efficiency as opposed to points and threes.
  4. Someone in one of my leagues offered Mitchell for him and the curry owner accepted. No one vetoed bc there’s an assumption of risk when you try these buy lows.
  5. I agree with you in this one. Literally the only thing that’s down is FG/Points. Get the FG up and suddenly he’s doing what he did last year.
  6. I agree with you. It’s also frustrating that no one ever does the math. If there’s a week in which Mitch goes 15/20 then suppose you have some volume scorers who go the average at 38/80. Combine them and your team is now 53% FG. That’s great. Mitchrob can easily help a team go up a few percentage points. That’s huge. That’s going from 47 (below average) to 50% (very good).
  7. H2H and roto are two different formats, true. But tbh at this point I’ve explained it every possible way. I’ve explained how zscores work and why even on low volume 70% shooting is valuable. Ive invited you to use the team analysis tool so you can see for yourself what impact he can have on your team’s FG%. At this point there’s no value in going back and forth. I don’t know your teams or how he would theoretically impact your FG. But I have used the team analysis tool myself and know that a positive zscore of 1.39 helps a lot whether that comes from exceptional percentage in low volume or higher volume lower percentage.
  8. I'm not throwing a tantrum. You are. I said in a post (not referencing you in anyway) that I was disappointed. Disappointed could mean a lot of different things. Would I be disappointed that a player I drafted merely met his ADP and missed 25% of games. Yes. Because I'm disappointed when I don't win and that's not helping me win. I guarantee I have won more money in fantasy basketball than you. Maybe it's not for you.
  9. I would prefer my players exceed their ADP and not miss 25% of the games played so far.
  10. I'll just address the most salient points. Is .718 FG% on 5.6 attempts really that great? Yes. That was addressed in the previous post. That gives him a zscore of 1.69 in FG%. The zscore is weighted both by volume and by percent. That puts him 7th in positive FG% impact. If you don't believe that then use the team analysis tool and input a relatively average team and see how he impacts it. No, he wasn't drafted by noobs, and I don't even think you're using the term correctly. No one who follows Lloyd is a noob. A noob would be someone who is new to fantasy basketball and presumably isn't doing anything to get better. Lloyd followers may be sheep but they are at least trying to improve. Also, idk why you're referencing Lloyd so much re MitchRob. Of all the podcasters he's the most reasonable re young players. You really should be bashing Gallagher. The rotoworld guys were in a "super-competitive" industry mock in which he went 14th lol.
  11. Oh, you suppose everyone hopes their players perform no higher than where they're drafted? Anyway genius, my disappointment also has to do with missed games.
  12. While I agree with you regarding that fact that people often just put on punt filters to make their players look good, the rest of the post is misinformed. I drafted MitchRob in the 4th round in one league (out of 15 I'm in) and I'm disappointed. I really believed he wouldn't be great, but I was in punt points/FT, and he hasn't been. I agree with that part. However, he is also a strong player in FG%, rebounds, TO, and at least gets some steals for a big. The fact that you just off hand dismiss his TO impact and FG impact, even if on low volume, is just reflective of the fact that you play H2H and just don't care about those things. However, the notion that MitchRob was drafted by n00bs is a laughable ******** farce. No n00b gives a s--- about MitchRob. Only a certain sort of player drafts him and that's an intermediate player who thinks he's a genius because he follows the podcasts. N00bs overvalue points, rebounds, assists and completely ignore stocks and efficiency, which is exactly what you're doing. Lloyd doesn't pay attention to turnovers in H2H leagues because leagues are either 8 cat, or in 9 cat H2H the team that wins TO is generally the team with the fewest games that week. Therefore, you could reasonably just turn off the TO filter when making decisions. You can't do that in 9 cat roto, and I think 9 cat roto is a lot more reflective of skill than H2H, which is why I play it (also it's less time commitment which is another reason why I play it, but that isn't relevant to this post). Most of the players you listed were behind MitchRob due to inefficiency on high volume. 90% of the posters in rotoworld don't understand (even if they follow BBM) that the BBM rankings aren't arguing anything, they're just sticking numbers into a standard deviation model. You make your own determinations. LaVine, Simmons, Griffin, Luka all came out lower in a standard deviation model because they were quite inefficient in one way or another. If you choose to ignore that, then that's your prerogative. It doesn't make you a genius. Actually, you're doing what noobs do which is focus on the popcorn stats. The reason why guys such as Murray and McCollum were lower in BBM is due to producing hollow scoring. The median in points and threes is around 15/1.5 so someone like McCollum gets 150% the median in those cats and those were his only positive counting stats. He also helps in FT%. Whereas, the median in blocks is .6 so if MitchRob gets 1.8 blocks then he gets 300% in that cat as well as being 150% the median in rebounds. His positive score in FG% (1.5+ zscore) is also significantly more beneficial than McCollum's positive FT (.32 zscore). Even as he's struggled I'd never trade MitchRob for McCollum. I agree that some of the others are absurd, obviously I'd never take MitchRob over Booker or Mitchell. Doncic isn't really a fair comparison because he's fixed his FT and completely broken out. I'd pick MitchRob over: Simmons, Bledsoe, Russell, Draymond, McCollom, Lavine, Griffin (wall is injured), and Murray. And MitchRob is rated above all of those players in 9 cat.
  13. Perhaps he is thinking the same about you. Two sides always there is.
  14. A little disappointing recently given that I thought he could be top 75 and was 84 in per game last season. But look on the bright side, he’s healthy, and still top 100. You probably got him for a 10th+ round pick when most picks beyond that range are dropped anyway. Or maybe a couple bucks at auction. Maybe even off the wire.
  15. I think he’s borderline must owned. His efficiency and points are trash. Aside from that his rebounds/blocks are great for a guard, his assists/steals are solid for a player that late, hits threes. He’s a plus in 5 cats which puts him around 100. In 12 team roto, the top 120 players should be played so I think he’s a fine 10th man on your roster. He’s probably worse than someone like Hill but better than Temple. In H2H he’s clearly rosterable. If your league is shallower than 12 that’s on you. 12 team is the shallowest I play, most of my leagues are 14-16 in which Beverley isn’t even a wire candidate, he’s a real player who adds values to trades even.