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  1. i cant see how you can say Sony Michel when he has more yards than Saquon who many took at #1 overall.
  2. people are really dropping this dude? lmao can I get in your leagues next season? thanks
  3. this is funny because he got all butthurt when KU players did that same thing to him while he was in college
  4. Who likes him vs San Fran? That D is looking pretty nasty. Thinking about rolling with Minshew magic instead vs NO
  5. damn dude you got fleeced. evans is crushing it
  6. lol at saying mahomes and jackson in the same sentence
  7. So glad I drafted Alex Smith, er, I mean Rodgers this year!
  8. its time to hit the panic button. Rodgers has turned into Alex Smith in this offense.
  9. little early to call him a bust there champ
  10. Keep in mind this is the guy that abandoned the run vs. the Titans in the playoffs while sitting on the league's rushing champ and a 18 point lead. Signed, Still bitter Chiefs fan
  11. Nagy'd Lucky I only have this poor guy in one league