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  1. Ball obviously has potential. I like him better than Russell in the long run on a Lebron team. He plays much less selfishly than Russell. You already have enough ball hogs with Kuzma and Ingram. And Jason Kidd never had high percentages other than 3pt%, he was a better passer than Ball though.
  2. Lakers had to trade him to get rid of Mozgov's $64m contract to have enough cap space for Lebron in 2018. It was a necessary trade. No one in their right mind would've taken Mozgov's contract without a young player with potential in return. Blame Mitch for signing that crazy Mozgov deal.
  3. Unless you have someone good to pick up or desperate in your league, I'd still hold on. He can't be this bad. And he's only been really bad for the few games this past week. He can still turn it around.
  4. Played well the first game, added him. Playing well again tonight. Getting the assists.