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  1. Mostert and Samuel are ruining my sleeper picks in the playoffs.
  2. Like Aaron Hernandez, his autopsy's going to reveal some major brain damage. Sad that's the way we have to find out, but I suspect there's some serious medical issues upstairs for him. Not excusing his behaviors, but that might explain them. Every since the Burfict hit, he's gone crazy.
  3. I had him for the 2nd half this season...but will avoid next year most likely unless I get him in a late round. As you were posting this thread, his Rotoworld player news posted this: In a police video of Kareem Hunt's Jan. 21 traffic stop obtained by TMZ Sports, Hunt admitted he would "fail an NFL drug test if one were administered to him at the time." Emotional throughout a lengthy conversation with the officer who pulled him over, Hunt said he had been "fighting a lot of (stuff) lately," and that his release from the Chiefs "still hurts me to this day." Hunt eventually admitted that the marijuana in his vehicle was his, but the officer decided to let him off with only a speeding ticket. The officer was aware of Hunt's off-the-field history, at one point even bringing up the Ray Rice incident while reminding Hunt of his second chance. It is unclear if the NFL will take action. Hunt has never been suspended under the substance-abuse policy.
  4. I say Raheem Mostert takes over as the man in SF. Tevin Coleman is not a reliable RB1. His role in Atlanta suits him better. Another 49er that will be a certified stud next season: Deebo Samuel. 800 yards this season, but much more next season. I agree with the Noah Fant prediction made earlier as well.
  5. Kid is good but the problem is...Love's coming off a torn knee too. They better hang onto Peterson, but Love could be good if healthy. Big IF.
  6. A lot are mentioning some Redskins WRs. McLaurin already broke out. The league knows about him, He'll be an all-out stats monster next season. I do agree with Steven Sims, Jr. picks though. I saw him play live in person against Detroit where he returned a kickoff for a TD. He's insanely fast. I'd love to see a race between he and McLaurin. Haskins really started looking competent late in the season and I think will take some big steps forward under the new coaching staff. He was advertised as a pocket passer who can't run out of college, but he is actually a good runner and takes off for 1st downs regularly. I could see Riviera and Scott Turner getting the most out of him. He's not the runner Cam Newton was, but I believe he has a better arm and is good enough of a runner to work in the old Panthers system. I'd love to see more RPOs with him. Anyways, Sims will be huge in 2020.
  7. Montana also had Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman (forgotten but great FB), an insane O-line and defense and played in an era where running the ball was still a huge part if not focus of most offenses. Montana was great and is in the discussion with Brady for GOAT, but you can't put him above Brady for the reason of "he got hit more". If we're thinking like that and weighting eras, Sammy Baugh is the greatest of all time because he practically invented the forward pass and excelled at it when NO ONE was passing. plus, he was an all-pro DB and punter too.
  8. Wow, you "Seattle sychophants" are angry people. I cannot stand Boston sports fans for the most part, but how about giving them the respect of calling them fans instead of "sychophants"? Like it or not, Tom Brady is one of, if not the greatest pro QB of all time. He's made fans of many teams bitter by dismantling them in front of the whole world. I used to think he was arrogant and didn't like him early in his career, but in the past few years, I've gained a LOT of respect for him and the Patriots dynasty. We'll never see a run like that in any sport ever again. Belichick is a genius. Brady turned out not only to be the GOAT but a team player too, allowing his team to afford a supporting cast around him. He also seems to be a quality person off the field. The immature hatred in this thread is embarrassing. Par for the course from based on the Seahawks fans I've personally known.
  9. Found it! You have to click on "Join Custom Leagues" and just look for a free one among the money leagues. Clicking on "Yahoo Free Leagues" just throws you in one automatically with no choosing. They've revamped the public league pages since I've last joined one many years ago, I'm just been in the same keeper and dynasty leagues for a long time.
  10. I agree with you. Is there a way to view a public league list in Yahoo anymore? You used to be able to. Now they just want to assign you to a random league. I'd like us to both grab a team in the same league if possible, but I can't find the public league list anymore.
  11. The 2 new teams selected their keepers from the supplemental draft pool and I've assigned them as you directed. The players ARE showing in draft results, but ARE NOT showing on their individual team pages (yet). All other teams are showing their 5 keeper players rostered. Is there an additional step or did I do everything OK since they're showing on draft results? Maybe Yahoo is slow updating...
  12. Before you dismiss for not being any fun... My elementary school-age son just asked me yesterday if we could try a fantasy football league together. He's never played before, but he follows players closely and we always do pick'em challenges and NCAA brackets together. We don't have time to recruit a full league, but is there any source where a 2-team league would be allowed? I tried on Yahoo, my usual fantasy format, and they require 4 teams. I suppose I could set up 4 email addresses and we could run 2 teams each but that seems like overkill. He just wants to try one out and learn fantasy football with me. Any way to set up a 2-teamer (big rosters obviously) for the two of us? I guess we could try to join the same public league if not. Thanks in advance!