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  1. I was kidding....Brandin Cooks.....Jared Cook....
  2. Great sample size on Ginn. And we are talking about the passing game here.
  3. Salty Conner owner who missed on Samuels spotted. This is definitely NOT Edmunds time.
  4. They "run" tomorrow at 3am. Happy bidding.
  5. I'll say it. I think he sits a couple more weeks after reading that.
  6. Nobody else excited for another Slayton blowup game?
  7. You're saying Gordon cant run a 5yd slant? Or a 5yd out? That's almost exclusively what I saw them dial up for Sanu.
  8. Not a Gordon owner any more, but was really frustrating to see how much NE tried to get Sanu involved. 13 targets?!?!?! Makes me think they genuinely didn't like Gordon for some reason.
  9. So can I interpret this to mean "It's nothing"?
  10. Actually, that's exactly what you're doing.