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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Gonna go down with the ship...gotta be wrong and strong
  2. I think we might be good, Foles is going to have to acknowledge this guy's talent if he ever returns as well...and remember the play Foles got hurt on, was on a long connection to him. This guy passes the eye test for sure though, and the chemistry between Minshew and Chark cannot be denied.
  3. Absolute beast. And to think these numbers could have been even better if not for penalties. Kudos to everyone in here that started him today with no hesitation. I lift a cup to all in celebration.
  4. Wow. Speechless right now. Just gotta laugh
  5. Tried to tell these people...props to those who listened lol
  6. Subbing in for Moncrief. Let's get it Bennie. Thread made me a believer.
  7. I'm in. Not like I have much of a choice regardless, but somethings gotta give at some point, right? Let's get a signature Martavis game
  8. Eli maximized the talent of the guys playing TE the best he could over the years...every single person you named is leaps and bounds better than anyone he has had there. There is no way I am going to lay any blame at the foot of Eli Manning for bums Like Daniel Fells, Brandon Myers, Bear Pascoe and worse for them not putting up better numbers, when none of them could fare any better elsewhere, much less even make an NFL team. Blaming Eli for lack of production from the guys I just named is laughable.
  9. You need a breakdown of the last 11 years? You need me to ring off the names of the guys that have been manning the TE position? Hardly household names. Jake Ballard made tons of key plays during the superbowl run of 2011. Scrapheap guy. Save for Martellus Bennett , show me the overwhelming talent here to justify being targeted more than they have?
  10. It is not inaccurate that he loves the TE. I have watched him play every game of his career. He will go the TE...and because of the upgrade of talent at TE with Ellison, Engram, Adams and LaCosse instead of scrapheap guys off the street, he will have even more incentive to go to them even more now. Giants TE have left a lot of yardage and big plays on the field over the past few years. I no longer see that being the case with this new group.
  11. Did you actually watch the games? Or just looking at a stat sheet? Do you know the reason why they have had these numbers? It obviously isn't for a lack of trying. Eli targets the TE early and often. The talent of the guys lining up at that position did not stand up. Tons of wide open drops from both Donnell and Tye over the years too. Eli has targeted the TE position over 100 times every season. Please don't tell me Engram won't be involved in this. Will Tye put up 42 for 464 on 62 targets 3 td's as an undrafted free agent in his rookie season and didn't even play the entire year, but we are to believe Eli won't target Engram, who has an even better draft pedigree? Where are you guys getting your information from?
  12. Eli has been forcing the ball to the TE position for years, with less talented guys there, but then people make statements such as this one. If Eli was willing to force the ball to Will Tye and Larry Donnell, what do you think he is going to do with Evan Engram on the field?? Ignore him? No matter who is out there, Eli will always dump the ball off to the TE. All of those short 4 or 5 yard dump offs where Tye falls on the floor immediately after being arm tackled, or the Larry Donnell doing a somersault for a 3 yard gain will now be going to Engram. Imagine what he will do with these targets. Tye got 70 targets last year. 70. 62 the year before that. Donnell got 22, and would have had even more had he not been such a bum. 41 the year before that. I don't know where this misinformation comes that Eli doesn't involve the TE comes from but it is obviously off-base. Eli has been throwing the ball and elevating the play of guys who don't even belong in the NFL.
  13. People are beating a dead horse talking about the Giants OL when the OL has been absolute s--- since 2010...getting even worse in the past 3 years. Please look at the TE production, and the people who were the recipients of the targets. How many targets did that bum Will Tye have last year with a terrible OL? And what did he do with them? Let Engram get those same targets. I guarantee he will easily eclipse the numbers Tye put up the past two seasons. Donnell as well. Another bum. Does anybody actually watch the games? I see the clear difference on this thread between people that watch the games and ones that just read stats or recite rhetoric.
  14. Again, stop worrying about the pecking order. You have Giants fans on this thread that watched Manning have an affinity for the TE position his entire career. He made Larry Donnell, Will Tye, Kevin Boss, Jake Ballard, etc etc the list goes on into viable targets, when these guys can't even sniff the field anywhere else. He is elevating these bum players. Now he has someone more talented than all of them, loves to go to the TE, and we aren't supposed to have a realistic view of it? Please do yourselves a favor and look at the TE targets and production over the past decade, and who the beneficiaries of those targets were. Hardly household names here. Engram is going to be involved. It is the nature of the offense and the Quarterback throwing them the ball.
  15. Beckham being out will only mean he will force the ball to the TE position even more than he did before. All one has to do is pay attention to what he has done over the past few years in regards to the TE position. Tye was a bum and look up the numbers he put up as a rookie TE. It does not matter. Engram will be on the field and will be targeted. Eli loves the TE. And will utilize the position often. No matter who is lining up there. They will get targeted.