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  1. 5 spots left, here's a link to the league to check scoring, by-laws are under league links.
  2. Bird Bath, $75 14 Team SF/2TE/IDP/DEVY/DT Premium/Snake I can't take it anymore, and have succumbed to my addiction. This will be a very deep league, starting requirements will be 12 offense and 16 defense. All of my leagues are side-game heavy and this one is no different. There is more of a payout focus on overall season long performance, than there is on the playoffs. I have calculated the payout from these league rules on multiple other leagues, and overall I am pleased with the results. Starting Lineup 1 QB 1 Superflex 2 RB 4 WR 2 TE 2 Offensive Flex 1 DT (Can only flex 1 for a max of 2 starting DT) 3 DE 4 LB 3 CB 3 S 2 Defensive Flex The startup will include rookie picks instead of actual rookies, because I need more drafts in my life. This will be a 3rd round reversal snake draft!! During the startup you can pick 1.01-7.14 at anytime in the startup, there will also be 14 Devy Placeholders available during our startup that can be drafted at anytime in the startup. Draft order will be selected by a "kentucky derby style" draft slot selection. The rookie draft will start the day after the startup finishes. During the rookie draft there will be 32 NFL teams up for grabs at any time in the draft. If you own an NFL team, you can draft any player that isn't a quarterback or already owned via our 14 devy picks, that that team has drafted in the following year. So these NFL Team picks are only good for 2021 and beyond. During the rookie draft, a team with a Devy Placeholder can choose to use that and draft a devy player at any point in the draft. Devy Quarterbacks are unavailable to preserve value in our rookie drafts. Our "NFL Draft" would be a separate draft from our rookie draft, happening before our rookie draft and in the same order as the NFL's actual draft. So if you draft the dolphins this year you would be the first person up in 2021 to draft anyone you want that the dolphins also drafted, (if the dolphins were to finish last place in 2020) Payout Playoffs H2H 1st: $120 2nd: $55 Playoffs Highest Points from 14-16 1st: $120 2nd: $55 Dual Playoffs Champ: $110 Progressive: $80 High Points Weekly: $65 ($5x13 weeks) Hot Streak: $250 Div 1 HP Weekly: $156 ($10x13 weeks) Div 2 HP Weekly: $78 ($5x13 weeks) Dual Playoff Structure The top 8 teams in the league will enter the playoffs. There will be a regular head 2 head playoffs and a highest points from week 14-16 playoffs. Winning both will earn you the DP Champ pot of $110 on top of the $240 for placing first in both playoffs. Progressive The progressive pot will kick off once 8 teams have gone on 2 "Hot Streaks". A Hot Streak is achieved by winning 3 matches in a row. If no one wins the DP Champ pot, that $120 will be rolled into our progressive. This progressive will be a season long endeavor that starts the year after 8 people have achieved a hot streak. Contestants in the progressive will receive $ throughout the year for performing well while in it. High Points Weekly: From weeks 1-13, the highest points scored team receives $5 Hot Streak: winning 3 matches in a row earns you $5, every win after that will earn you an extra $2. So 3 in a row is 5, 4 in a row is 7, 5th win in a row is worth 9 and so on and so on. Any remaining $ from the $250 Hot Streak pot, will be split between the H2H/HP Playoff winners. Div 1/2 High Points Weekly. Top 4 points scored = Division 1, highest points out of those 4 teams each week earns $10. The next 4 teams below the top 4 will be division 2, highest points out of those 4 teams will earn $5 per week. Toilet Nest: Bottom 3 teams compete for pick 1.15 Consolation: Seed's 9, 10 and 11 compete for pick 2.15 My goal with this league is to try and reward in-season performance well, while also giving the Bird Bowl winner a chance to hit big. With Dual Playoffs this can either help that or hurt that depending on how you look at it. On one hand, you could only win the H2H but lose the Highest points, you only get $120 for that, but if you win both you get a total of $350 for just the playoffs. The Highest points from week 14-16 playoffs is my attempt at getting rid of some of the luck involved in a h2h only format. I have this going in 2 other leagues and people seem to like the format! I will be doing a detailed review of the entire league at the conclusion of our rookie draft!
  3. Very fun relegation league looking for 3 new owners to participate in a dispersal draft. Dispersal Link: League Link: Bylaws: Fee is $55 which includes 2020 year and 2021 down payment + MFL Fee Only 3 out of 7 spots remaining, let me know if you're interested. If you're an IDP fan and looking for another forum to advertise your leagues on, then please check out
  4. 2020 is covered, whoever takes this team over will pay $30 + $5 MFL Fee, the $30 is for half dues of 2021. The league will cover your other half for 2021 due to this team having Quarterbacks Cam Newton / Andrew Luck and weak picks. So $35 gets you covered for 2 years. Team Link: Picks: 3.04, 4.04, 5.04, 6.04 League Link: Bylaws: This is a fun league with a good amount of side games, the team is rough but I think 2 years for $35 is a good deal and a decent timetable to turn it around. If you are interested, let me know!
  5. 2020 is covered, all you pay to take this team over is half dues for 2021. This team got 2nd place last year but burnt up all of his picks to get there. Fun league with lots of ways to win money via side games. Team Link: Team has no picks. League Link: Bylaws: 1st: $260 2nd: $130 3rd: $65 WWE Tickets: $15 real money per ticket (WWE Tickets are won via various side games and when you have enough you can turn them in to enter our progressive tournament) Jabroni Bowl: Following years pick 1.15 King of The Ring: $170 Progressive, costs 3 WWE tickets to join Rivalries: Earn a WWE ticket Survivor Series: Earn a WWE Ticket, league wide 7v7 elimination match, all members of winning team win a $15 WWE Ticket. Summer Slam: Week 8 2v2 match, highest points and 2nd highest points teams choose partners and battle it out against eachother for a WWE Ticket. Royal Rumble: Like survivor but with a WWE twist. Money In The Bank: Progressive pot collecting $15 WWE tickets, each year the last place team can call out the champion any time during the year, if the last place team wins he collects the pot. There are a ton of ways to win $ in this league, IDP scoring is high, DT's can straight up carry you when they pop off. If you'd like to take this team over and get a spot in an awesome league let me know!!
  6. 1 spot open, once filled /paid we can get this thing going!
  7. Email sent to both of you, let me know if you didnt get it!