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  1. Ty Montgomery will have a better season than Lacy, that said there will be weeks where Lacy might have a better stat line. Monty is high risk/high reward in week to week scoring. PPR Monty is the no brainer pick. Lacy is the low risk/ low reward play. Nothing special. If it were me, I go all in on Monty.
  2. Evans and Graham hands down for me are best value. Lots of high upside tight ends out there but Graham is a potential top 5 TE at a 15th rnd value? That's too just too good. Ware is a marginal RB3 and that's going to be a committee with Hunt and West. 8 games, the entire second half of the season including the home stretch, playoffs and championships for all fantasy leagues, Ware didn't break 70 yards and both of his TDs in that span came in one game against Atlanta which accounted for pretty much half of all of his TDs for the season. This was before a Kareem Hunt was even in the picture.
  3. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of taking Kelce in your situation. It seems like a reach but value is pretty key and you won't see that kind of value at TE later on whereas, what you get from a Demaryius Thomas or a Jordan Howard isn't really that far off at that position when it comes back down to you.
  4. I'm pretty big on Hooper, getting rid of Tamme means the Falcons are set on making him the guy in this offense for those dump offs but that's a risk play. If you want to play it safe, grab Fleener. The only reason I don't say Ebron is because the Lions won't push redzone as much as the Saints and Fleener has a better chance at getting TDs.
  5. This is what I'd call a manageable team. It's good if you manage it well. You don't really have any bye week issues except week 5 with Freeman and Cousins out, those two probably being your top pointers week to week. The rest is just playing matchups and making adjustments. I think the biggest issue you will face is trying not to leave too many points on the bench *or* your receivers not hitting their upside.
  6. Yeah same here. It seems like an arbitrary point assignment. At best, I'd only consider receptions as a marginal factor for late round or deep roster picks. If yardage is standard, a reception is the equivalent of what 2.5 yards? Pretty much anyone outside of the Jets can avg better than that per touch.