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  1. Keep the top 5 you have listed. If you still had your early picks you could make an argument to drop Freeman and keep Verlander.
  2. You could use some infield depth so I think I make the deal. But that stings dealing Soto in a categories league...
  3. Even with the draft pick I'd still pass.
  4. If he bites on Cease, Dahl and Senzel I think thats a good trade for you
  5. I'll pile on and say Moncada also. Who knows Sevy may fall again due to injury concerns and you can redraft him.
  6. Lamet. Love the Ks and 2 years after TJ his control should continue too improve.
  7. I read that deal a** backwards lol. Disregard my above post. Not near enough for Judge. As the post above says above trade another OF for needs.
  8. Make the deal. Judge becomes your best OF. You can then trade OF depth to address other needs. The guys you're trading are very replaceable.
  9. Even with a probable Semien regression I still hit accept ASAP. Stroman is a good innings eater that won't hurt your metrics but otherwise isn't all that special. Semiens power is legit.
  10. Tough call. I like May by an eyelash. Best chance of sticking in the rotation long term. Puk might be more suited as dominant bullpen arm in the future.
  11. Take the guy who could help your team this year. Carlson projects to be a middle of the order bat who steals bases. Dominguez has all the potential in the world but is only 17.
  12. I'll probably be in the minority but I don't think I make the deal. Keller has the stuff the stuff to be a solid MLB SP and as the post above says SP depth is critical in 30 team leagues. But as you stated in the post, value wise, its a pretty fair trade.
  13. I thought you were getting the better end of the deal before. Now its getting better and better for you. This guy really wants Buxton for some reason so I'd accept this time before he changes his mind. Also I have no idea what MT means in these forums
  14. For sure take that deal. Gallo is figuring it out at the plate and I want him everywhere, especially in OBP leagues. You could rework the deal without Renfroe if playing time and OBP concern you. But me personally I bank on 75ish HRs from those 2 studs and take the deal.
  15. You can build a nice staff right away with Bieber, Snell, Berrios and Shoehi with Pineda on the bench. A few value closer fliers in Kennedy and Magill. A couple speed options in Mercado and Lopez. And hopefully you can catch lightning in a bottle twice with Santana and Tauchman. That leaves $124 for a LOT of work to do in your lineup.