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  1. It's definitely doable. Hes hit 1800 before and onpace for around the same this season. Matt connects on three of those deep balls and hes on pace.
  2. He also really struggles with hitting Julio deep. Hes left a deep TD on the field in every game this season outside of the last two weeks. I cant imagine the numbers Julio would put up with Big Ben.
  3. This is false. Outside of last season he's actually scored a TD rate higher than some other big names over that 20 years. Julio just doesn't get redzone targets becauee Ryan isnt the type of QB to force it into double coverage. Its been working for Atlanta too as they've been one of the better redzone offenses under Ryan for most his career. Also the guy you were responding was right. Ryan does suck at throwing the fade. When given a chance at a catchable fade Julio comes down with it more times than not.
  4. PFDoctor said it looked like a sprain and he'll miss some time.
  5. I think you can omit the Redskins game because his goaline usage was clearly out of the norm judging by what we've seen over the last year. Without those two TDs he finishes with like 7.5 points in standard. The lack of goaline carries is really hurting Ingrams value. Because he's highly reliant on TDs coming from outside of the redzone he has high bust potenial on a weekly basis. Then you factor in two stout run defenses that loom in weeks 15 and 16 and Ingram makes a dicey play in the two biggest games of the fantasy season. Personally I'm trying to flip him for the likes of Lindsay, Breida or Carson. Keep in mind I've already made the playoffs so for me I'm looking strictly at playoff value. The mentioned RBs are much safer than Ingram and offer similar weekley upside.
  6. Its not random at all. Kamara has dominated goaline carries since week 10 of last year. Ingram has had 1 goaline carry this season outside of the Washington game We saw what happened to Ingram in a close high scoring game vs LA. Kamara is such a better player in those types of games. His big games have come when the Saints were able to jump to a big lead early on. I don't see that happening against any team on their remaining schedule aside from Tamapa.
  7. They face Carolina and Pitt in weeks 15 and 16. I would hardly call his ROS schedule "amazing". Ingram is a TD dependent RB who doesn't get goaline carries. Everyone should be trying to sell high after last weeks game imo.
  8. Ingram had one when the Saints were up 20+ and was stuffed.
  9. The one goaline carry Ingram gets he gets stuffed. Smh.
  10. I wouldn't trade for Julio in standard. Falcons use him as a decoy in the redzone and while he's been open every single game this year for a deep TD, Matt Ryan doesn't have the arm stength to lay it out infront of him majority of the time. Owners will be asking alot after today's game. In PPR its a different story. No issues with targeting him then.
  11. Damn this guy was supposed to put me over the top. Gonna see what I can get for him but without goaline touches he's an RB3.
  12. If Breida is out this week which is looking likely I'm starting Mostert over both Ingram and Yeldon. Ariozna is hemorrhaging points to RBs this year and Mostert is passing the eye test in flying colors.