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  2. fun active league looking for 6 more people.. payouts 80-30-10.. leaguesafe must be paid within an hour of joining. Thanks!
  3. league is full now we just need everyone who hasnt paid to pay up before draft
  4. I tried to change it but it said it cant be changed after someone has paid. I set it like that because in the past it was a pain to get everyone to log on and vote especially the people that weren't in it anymore. I have in the league notes 1st is 140 2nd is 60 3rd is 40 and I'll distribute as soon as the champ game is over
  5. Invited. Draft is in 3 hours.. still need 2 guys also need all invited to join and pay please
  6. Alright great.. just need 4 more guys and we'll be good for drafting tonight- leaguesafe link is in league homepage for everyone