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  1. Go with TBJ Melton White if you need stocks, otherwise Herro (if he's gonna play).
  2. KAT @Ind, Siakam against Was, J Collins @SA. Play 2. Need FG%, steals, and 3s in 9-Cat H2H.
  3. Probably the same as Siakam...indefinitely.
  4. Moving pretty gingerly here. At least he’s doing on court work.
  5. Do it for sure if you still can!
  6. I thought I read somewhere that the Heat have cooled (pun intended) to a trade due to their great team chemistry. I think Jrue is relatively adaptable to most situations due to his great defense and ability to play off the ball. Any chance he gets shipped to Minnesota to sure up their PG situation?
  7. Who do you guys think will provide more value in H2H 9-Cat League ROS? I currently have Melo and wondering if I should also add DJJ. Melo seems to be getting stocks and should get more minutes but DJJ is a freak athlete who Spoelstra seems to really like. Thanks in advance.
  8. I would drop THJ even with Doncic out. He's never been consistent and you can usually find 3s off the wire, especially in a 12 team league. If you want to ride out THJ, Wouldn't hurt to drop Baynes with Ayton back.
  9. The only other option I have to bench is Harden haha. We only start 5 per night. I've given up a lot of future firsts for all these guys haha.
  10. Who would you start tonight? H2H 9-Cat. Just need the best 9-Cat performance. Buddy (against OKC) has been hot but Bagley is back. Jrue (@MIL) has a tough matchup but Giannis is out. Middleton (against NO) is steady and Giannis is out. Leaning towards Buddy and Middleton but I know that Jrue can go off with stocks. Thanks in advance.
  11. Does this mean ESPN is actually listening to positional requests? Love it.