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  1. Firstly, of course, its a terrible offer. Keenan Allen is universally regarded as a top 8 or so WR and I personally have him higher. Secondly, fantasy football is supposed to be fun. My advice would be not to take bad trade offers so personally, but instead be happy that people are active in your leagues and counteroffer with something that you think is slightly in your favor and find a middle ground. Some people will always offer very uneven trades and hope eventually it works - that's just their strategy. If he's not going to be reasonable, just reject and move on.
  2. That would be an absolute steal for Gronk - I would pick up Enunwa in PPR if you need WR help. Penny has almost no value in a team league imo
  3. I'd do it
  4. Once Miller gets established he should be part of a much more exciting and creative offense and is getting high percentage balls in the slot. I'll take that all day over whatever the cowboys run out there.
  5. I agree with this - if you can get him to throw in his TE, throw in Allison as well. If Doyle is upgrade over the TE, then drop him.
  6. I would - Clement is in a 3 way split and offers no standalone value while Buck does as long as he is the passing back and the goal line back.
  7. I honestly can't ever see you playing Morris and think the Bears D is capable of huge upside in plus matchups. I would stand pat or try a 2 for 1 to free up space if you're really itching to grab him.
  8. I'd drop Morris - I don't think Ekeler is even close to droppable as previously stated. Having both 49ers on your team is a bad play IMO - play for ceiling not for floor.
  9. 12 Team 0.5 PPR He's looking to upgrade RB, I'm looking for WR. Have an interesting opportunity to grab everyone's favorite ceiling player in Josh Gordon while handcuffing Jordan Howard with Cohen, who I believe will have standalone value as well. I am inclined to go for it since my roster seems very deep with Crowell as my RB5 and Watkins is about on par with John Brown and Mike Williams for me. Pull the trigger? Give: Sammy Watkins Isaiah Crowell Get: Josh Gordon Tarik Cohen QB: Patrick Mahomes WR: Mike Evans WR: Larry Fitzgerald WR: Mike Williams RB: David Johnson RB: Jordan Howard TE: George Kittle Flex: Adrian Peterson Bench: Carlos Hyde, David Njoku, Sammy Watkins, John Brown, Martavis Bryant, Isaiah Crowell
  10. I'd give up martin for Parker - protects your RB depth and Cooks is not a great PPR guy. Thanks for answering mine.
  11. thanks for answering mine - I would do this deal. Very curious if you have alternative keeper options instead of gordon (since you would be keeping him at cost it doesn't really make sense). GL!
  12. Doug martin right now has me nervous given his workload and the team imploding. I think I would hold onto your RB depth since evans has been largely disappointing this year and I would expect Hogan to return to form in a week or two
  13. I would personally expect a RBBC with both teams but collins is showing he can produce where Alf is still a mystery. I would keep collins.