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  1. After the AB saga, you’d think the raiders would be cautious...
  2. If it’s just a grade 1 AC joint sprain, which it seems to be, Conner will likely play this week. It’s a matter of pain management. That being said, I’m hoping he rests it and Samuels gets the workhorse treatment.
  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s not forget Kamara’s stats for last year were padded by the first 4 games without Ingram (34, 12, 19, 36 in standard) that’s 25ppg. His average for the rest of the season was 15.7ppg in standard. His upcoming schedule is: ARI: actually good vs RBs BYE: 0 points ATL: easy TB: very bad CAR: bad ATL: easy SF: worst (and in playoff week 1) IND: bad TEN: ok Compare to Bell’s schedule ROS: JAX, MIA, NYG, WAS, OAK, CIN, MIA, BAL, PIT. Bell has also had his bye already and his average is weighed down by already having played the Patriots D twice. I actually think it’s a decent move.
  4. Trying to sell Kamara to the Lev Bell owner. Need to win the next 2 games and not thrilled with Kamara’s schedule ROS. Can also see more of a timeshare with Murray from here on out.
  5. Who has the cojones to play Kamara against the Bears this week?
  6. Tried so hard to “sell high” on him last week, unfortunately there were no takers. Well that ship has sailed now. In hindsight, Kupp was the right answer to the “which Rams WR to draft first” question. My only hesitation was his injury. Remains to be seen whether Kupp can make it through a full season this year. I just can’t see Woods putting up predictable scores while all three of him, Kupp and Cooks are all healthy.
  7. Tyrell not practising with a foot issue. Questionable, according to Gruden.
  8. I don’t think we’ll see Damien back this week or next. My guess is a week 7 return.
  9. Patriots release Cam Meredith, to make space for.....
  10. Montgomery will score 20+ points on everyone’s bench this week (including mine). If he can actually put up good stats against the Vikings then I’ll be starting him with a great deal more confidence going forward.
  11. Hey everyone, this guy is Andy Reid’s personal assistant. He has the inside scoop.