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  1. Really pissed me off that they swapped out Tonyan for Sternberger. That should’ve been his TD.
  2. Need 33.2 points from Josh Allen. I’m not concerned at all.
  3. Could look to trade him at his peak right now for someone like Mixon who is probably as low as he can go. Throw in a WR2 as a stocking stuffer and see what happens...
  4. Look at Henry’s week 14-16 matchups and tell me you don’t want him on your roster for the playoffs...
  5. Low ankle sprain. Will likely not even miss a week.
  6. I think Cam will score in the top 5-8 range this season, as long as he’s healthy. His foot injury worries me though. Strong chance of re-aggravating it.
  7. Why wouldn’t you draft a guy who can do this?
  8. After the AB saga, you’d think the raiders would be cautious...
  9. If it’s just a grade 1 AC joint sprain, which it seems to be, Conner will likely play this week. It’s a matter of pain management. That being said, I’m hoping he rests it and Samuels gets the workhorse treatment.
  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s not forget Kamara’s stats for last year were padded by the first 4 games without Ingram (34, 12, 19, 36 in standard) that’s 25ppg. His average for the rest of the season was 15.7ppg in standard. His upcoming schedule is: ARI: actually good vs RBs BYE: 0 points ATL: easy TB: very bad CAR: bad ATL: easy SF: worst (and in playoff week 1) IND: bad TEN: ok Compare to Bell’s schedule ROS: JAX, MIA, NYG, WAS, OAK, CIN, MIA, BAL, PIT. Bell has also had his bye already and his average is weighed down by already having played the Patriots D twice. I actually think it’s a decent move.
  11. Trying to sell Kamara to the Lev Bell owner. Need to win the next 2 games and not thrilled with Kamara’s schedule ROS. Can also see more of a timeshare with Murray from here on out.