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  1. 12 man redraft league Using Happ in my U spot but considering dropping for Cargo or Mancini Was holding Happ for the 2B eligibility but I do own Kingery and and Odor for 2B......
  2. Am I the only one low on Gallo? I like the Tanaka side
  3. Just used the link again for the discount (first posting), did you fellas get the free fantasy pros premium email? Might be something new CBS is adding not sure
  4. You need a tick more SB's eventually but love the team!! Nice job on the SP I think with late value Might have taken Darvish over DeGrom but that's me
  5. Nah, Buxton is garbage IMO except for that 4-6 weeks of hotness when his bat gets luckyand finds the ball and by that time he is on your bench
  6. Tough but based on what I think they will do Devers is about 15-20 spots higher in my rankings so....
  7. What are the major differences in CBS vs Yahoo and ESPN for in season tools?
  8. Used the link, got another discount and just arrived in email! Just one call placed 2 days ago!
  9. I am in a league and we use the system where you can pick your spot, 1,2,3 are taken Should I just take 4 or do you like other spots? 12 man 5x5 redraft
  10. Dag gone! Do you think it is to late for me to call them about MLB TV?
  11. I have used this 4 times this week alone! 2 auctions and 2 snake. I got the discount every time of $30. I am going to call this week to get the free draft kit deal. On a side note, my first league I purchased 1 week ago through the regular CBS site did not give me ANYTHING free, thanks to rotodr for the post Last year we got free MLB.TV, are they still doing that?