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  1. Henry has been nothing but a disappointment since coming into the league. Lewis is the obvious back to own. I’m not sure about his match up this week, but will easily be a flex with RB2 upside throughout the year.
  2. 12 teams and 1 keeper. If I keep NUK this season then I can only keep him for one more.
  3. So I have first pick this season. I can either keep deandre Hopkins in the 3rd round. Hunt in the 5th round. Or josh Gordon in the 6th round. Any ideas? I thought about keeping Hunt and snagging Hopkins back up with my first pick? Just scared to keep Hunt. He finished the year terrible and has spencer back.
  4. This guy is matchup proof with Tom savage, he's about as Elite as they come.
  5. Jk I sold him several weeks ago. Thank god. Just a headache.
  6. Sooooooooo is this the game we've been waiting for?
  7. Who would you start this week? Dak in his s---y situation against chargers goff without woods against Nola Taylor coming back as starter against chiefs
  8. PPR keeper league. Guy offered me ajayi for woods/Goff. A guy also offered me dalvin cook and mariota for goff. My team is below. Qb Dak RB1 shady RB2 hunt WR1 hopkins WR2 Baldwin Flex Woods Te Kroft d Seattle k prater bench parker juju powell Goff Adams rod smith
  9. JuJu over Parker? And woods has been very consistent
  10. who would you start in flex in 1 point PPR? JuJu Parker or woods?
  11. LET THE ROD TRAIN ROLL BABY!!! Hop on board, RB1 talent ROS. ?? Derrick Henry x10
  12. I'm sure hunt is gonna bounce back, bell is just so shiny.
  13. Should I trade hunt and Baldwin for bell? It is a 3 man keeper league btw QB- Dak RB1- Shady RB2- Hunt WR1- Hopkins WR2- Baldwin TE-Kroft Flex- Parker D- Seattle K- Prater Bench parker juju goff woods Adams
  14. So me and the guys have had this league for about 7 years now, last season I made it to the finals and lost because bell went off in the second half....anyways I was in dead last and made some crazy trades to get there. Sadly, dead last belongs to yours truly, yet again. I have made 5 trades in the last 2 weeks and my brain hurts, this is the team I have at the moment, and believe it will be my comeback and win it all team. ?? QB- Dak RB1- Shady RB2- Powell WR1- Hopkins WR2- Micheal Thomas TE-Miller Flex- Baldwin D- Seattle K- Prater Bench demarco murray parker juju goff woods Adams Now My weakest area is my RB2, I have a guy that will pretty much trade me anyone for Dak and I could maybe still get some value for Murray. what are you guys thoughts on this team? Will it make a good push? I believe it will, I may try to get another RB1 for my RB2 through Dak and just ride with Goff. ??‍♂️?? Any and all criticizm is welcome! ??
  15. which one in flex position in PPR league the rest of season?
  16. I lean toward thomas, better team, better QB, better schedule.
  17. Full PPR money league. My team RBs shady mckinnon demarco breida WRs micheal thomas deandre hopkins devante parker tyrell pryor robert woods TE rudolph Should I trade demarco for reed for Flex play? The guy j would be trading with is who I'm playing this week and demarco is on buy.
  18. I actually just made a big trade that involved me giving Henry and getting thomas. Do it without a doubt.