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  1. If they can get Watson in a trade AND keep the #2 I'm going to laugh so hard it's not even funny anymore.
  2. Lots of people scored the full 2 points this week: SteadyTrollin, ajs723, BrianM, shakestreet, JE7HorseGod, markrc99, Psideresider. Out of those, @shakestreet has a magnificent 9/12 so far.
  3. Not a terrible idea, but if you look at the FIFA world championship where they usually have a "losers final", it's often a quite sorry affair, where hardly anyone cares and no-one is enthousiastic. As far as actual content it's probably better than the pro bowl, but it's usually not a big ratings hit either.
  4. Yeah, I'm out. Not a big fan of popcorn OR this thread. See you on the other side guys.
  5. Strictly speaking, that is still pretty mediocre. Let's call it just above mediocre.
  6. And a decent RB himself. Mostly College, although he bounce around some pro teams too. So yeah, if anything, I think he would be a boost to Swift (and/or Kerryon, but I think Swift is better).
  7. He looks like he has a major hangover. Possibly he didn't take it fully seriously
  8. Lynn the past 4 years first had a bellcow in Gordon, then Ekeler took over. Even in 2020 Ekeler still got almost 1000 yds total in 10 games. I don't see a huge reason why Swift couldn't do the same - if he stays healthy of course. Seems like exactly the type of back Lynn likes to work with.
  9. That might not be terrible. https://eu.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2021/01/23/anthony-lynn-detroit-lions-offensive-coordinator/6689589002/
  10. Word on the street is he wants to work with Robert Saleh (who is pretty universally respected).
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