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  1. There's no need to start trading right now, the preseason is long and you drafted early. But during the preseason (and the first couple weeks of the season * ) I'm sure opportunities will emerge. I'm just saying that I think that looking at your team you don't have a problem in 2020, and you can think of trading for the future. Just keep it in mind. (*) If there is such a thing - but let's be optimistic
  2. I wanted to know a bit more about this: Preston Williams was a 4-star recruit when he committed to Tennessee back in 2015. During his senior year of high school he suffered a serious knee injury that held him back from seeing the field his freshman year until the last few games in Knoxville. (...) But Williams had a falling out with the coaches at Tennessee and as his playing time diminished greatly. (...) During this time off the field Williams got into trouble. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment after he pushed and restrained his then girlfriend because she was trying to move out from the off campus apartment they were staying in. He pleaded guilty to the charge and received a deferred sentence. A protection order was issued for the woman and violated after Williams allegedly called her 200 times. That's not good, but it is by now 3 years away. Let's hope he stays on the straight and narrow - from some interviews I saw, he seems a bit more mature. According to the Miami Herald he is now back to jogging, and "on schedule". He may not play in the pre-season, so it would be hard to get a good grip on his situation.
  3. Looks stacked, but if course this is your weakness now. You won't have much room to trade during the season should disaster strike. You could float some bench receivers and see if you can gain a 2021 2nd back, for emergencies.
  4. I'm assuming 12 team, right? Then Fournette is barely a 3rd rounder. It has to be Zeke and Jacobs, although if you could do a third one, you would not ignore AJ Brown. Any chance you can package Jacobs and Fournette or Elliott and Fournette to a team that has only one stud? Is trading allowed before the keeper deadline?
  5. Seems like a decent deal to you, but I expect he would need a bit more. Mack for a 1st is ok, Ingram for Jones is probably optimistic. In his case I'd want at least another 2nd thrown in.
  6. He goes now at 62 so in a 12 team league that means you'd have to pick him early in the 5th or late 4th. I guess it's possible if you go zero-RB.
  7. ADP of 62 since May 1st on mfl FantasyPros shows him indeed as a 5th rounder (.5 PPR), as more or less a WR3. Seems a good price for a guy with WR1 upside (but then again, most of the guys in this range have that upside).
  8. That's a great point and I missed that, thanks. Landry is optimistic (like every player ever) but more reasonable reports project him to be back in August, which is a concern, and Dr Chao is even more careful:
  9. Bao Dynasty Warriors trades the 3.08 Pick to Little Giants ( @predator_05 ) for his 2021 2nd round pick. @predator_05 OTC and @TBB (if I tag the right one) on deck.
  10. Without looking, I want to bet that his name was the most exciting thing on his PFR page.
  11. Go ask DeShone Kizer how he's doing. His career was over at age 22. The only town where you can start your career like that and not get chased out with tar and feathers is Detroit. Any other team, if you disappoint that much, there's plenty more QBs. Sorry man.
  12. In 2019 Landry was WR13 in .5 PPR - yet apparently you can have him at the price of WR30 according to the current ADP. That makes very little sense to me. This is a guy who has: - 6 straight years of 16 games - 6 straight years of 100+ targets - 6 straight years of 80+ rec - 4 out of the last 5 years of 1000+ yards and one close enough to make no difference - increased catch rate and yd/target in his second year with 2019. Plus, Cleveland should be a high powered offense with 2 strong RBs, and multiple receiving threats all over the field. I suppose the fear is that Stefanski was hired as OC to implement the run-first strategy that also ruined the Vikings passing game actually worked pretty well for Minnesota Offense as a whole. Thielen was still WR15 though, so it's not necessarily the end of Landry, and as Stefansky was the QB coach at the VIkings, he may be very good for Mayfield as a QB (clearly Baker has still a lot to learn). Maybe I'm too optimistic, but if Landry stays at this ADP, I'll be all over him.
  13. That's not a thing you can do with football stats. There's only a limited number of games, and a limited number of snaps in those games, and a limited number of targets in those snaps etc etc - to try and exclude the good games from the bad (or vice versa) and then try to draw conclusions on what is left, is not very useful. The whole nature of (Fantasy) Football is that we're betting on something highly volatile - which is also the attraction and the reason Karen in accounting can win the Championship when she drafted a kicker in the 8th round (bitch). But it also means that the game of "yeah but when he wasn't good he was bad" is a very risky one. Again, he wasn't a WR1 and he's not expected to be one. But he has sneaky upside at limited cost, and that was the point.
  14. This is the main problem. The talent is clearly there - the second half of 2015 he went 49/900/9 in 8 games, which is just insane - but in all of 2019 he went 52/673/3, and that includes that one monster 3TD game. Plenty talent, little delivery. I'll gladly leave him to someone else, and if that person then wins the league with him, kudos - I just don't have the stomach for that.