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  1. Which is not what he's saying. As he's been telling you for a while now.
  2. I think the FA draft doesn't start until everyone has had time to pick up the rookies, @sportsguy21792?
  3. Yes. The word is reckless. reckless /ˈrɛkləs/ adjective heedless of danger or the consequences of one's actions; rash or impetuous. "you mustn't be so reckless"
  4. That's amazing. I had no idea, but I just spent a pleasant 10 minutes reading people getting upset in 2006: --------------- "By the way, Marques Colston is doing his level best to turn my Yahoo! employment into an ordeal. As you probably know, Colston is eligible in Yahoo! leagues as a tight end, and I've received literally hundreds of outraged emails about this fact – Please. No more. That ship has sailed. And it's not going to change. Against the Ravens, Colston caught six passes for 163 yards and two very long garbage-time scores. I'll just tell you right now: I can't do anything about it. I've been pushing pins into my Colston voodoo doll. More importantly, I've been pushing pins into the voodoo dolls I've created to represent Yahoo!'s eligibility police. Nothing seems to work. Don't email me. You. You over there. I can see you getting ready to email me. Stop" ---------------
  5. That's a subtle way to screw with Pred
  6. He also tore his other achilles in the 2018/2019 play-offs against the Saints. That whole game, Philly got all of 49 yds rushing (12 of which by Agholor on a sweep)... ...which was actually 6 yards more than the week before when Brooks played 100% of snaps against the Bears. I guess nobody knows. Philly also still has 2 young RG fresh out of college, so that sounds scary, but then they have Kelce as Center (according to some people one of the absolute best) so I wouldn't be surprised if they suffer a bit during the first half of the season but pick it up later. I also wouldn't be surprised if Pederson (pretty smart coach) can coach his way around it.
  7. If you mean that offenses throw more when the defense is bad: last year I researched data from several seasons and didn't find any proof for this. It's certainly not something I take into account for projections, even less so before the season.
  8. Actualy, that's a good point well made. Adams has a better history, but not 7 rounds better.
  9. So you mean people are excited about the new thing which will break down at most important point in a game, upset you and then you have to call your friend to get that DVD back?
  10. Yeah but how good is he really, in the pros? I get that at LSU he had some monster games, but that was a long time ago. In the NFL he played 5 games, and half his career yardage came from one game against Carolina where the Carolina D was so bad that even Adrian Peterson had 99 yds rushing and a TD; and then half the yardage from that game came from one play. He also completely blew a pass pro assignment early on in that game. Honestly? Peterson at 52 or however old he is may still give Guice a run for his money as the "best" in his team. I agree that Guice is not going to get cut unless some more drama happens, from what I read at least he has a good attitude and is willing to work hard, so that will help. As an aside: the 2018 RB draft class wasn't exactly stellar, with the exception of Barkley.
  11. - Davante Adams-1st round: First round is reasonable for Adams. Depending on how many other first rounders will be kept, he may not come back to you, so this could be an option. - Dalvin Cook 2nd: that's probably even better value, but you really want to make sure his contract is settled before you pick him. - AROB-8th round, Mostert-16th: that's fine as a second keeper, but if you only have one it needs to be the best one. so: if by the time you have to set your keeper Cook's situation is clear, pick him; else Adams if you think he might not get back to him, else probably Robinson.
  12. Round 3 29. merkman_21 - Josh Kelley RB LAC 30. predator_05 (from Du5t3r) - Devin Duvernay WR BAL 31. vikingapocalypse - Bryan Edwards WR LVR 32. ArmchairGM -Antonio Gandy-Golden WR WAS 33. KennyWoo (from Boudewijn (from Drake)) Lamical Perine RB NYJ 34. sportsguy21792 - Kenneth Murray LB LAC 35. merkman_21 (via Du5t3r (from Iron-cock)- Eno Benjamin RB ARZ 36. merkman_21 (via Du5t3r (from KennyWoo) DeeJay Dallas RB SEA 37. DHC - Isaiah Simmons LB, AZ 38. Boudewijn (from DerrickHenrysCleats) - Xavier McKinney S NYG 39. Mek Daddy - @Mek Daddy 40. merkman_21 (via Du5t3r (from JMak) 41. megamoviejohn 42. predator_05
  13. Thanks. I'm waiting for an answer regarding a potential trade, so @Mek Daddy, don't wait up, but I'll try to have it tomorrow morning.
  14. Trading the 3.07 pick to @DerrickHenrysCleats for Irv Smith Jr.
  15. Because that wasn't what they surveyed. The NAES 2004 study was a study into campaign dynamics, and surveyed the entire population. We can only guess as to how this question popped up in that particular survey. Q24: how do you feel about the ad just brought out by the candidate? Q25: How about them Redskins, eh?
  16. Yeah but he dropped out of another roto league (I replaced him). I assume @Iron-cock may know more.
  17. As a life advice, find a woman who listens to stuff like this with you. If she's slightly shocked that's ok, if she's laughing that's good, and if she shows it to you, marry her.
  18. Every thread is a Patriots thread, just like every award show is a Kanye West award show. Either he gets an award, which pisses people off, or he doesn't get it, which pisses him off, or he doesn't get mentioned which pisses him off even more. In either case, Swift gets snubbed.
  19. Yes, but that's a given anyway, season or not. Let's face it, disappointment is so much part of fantasy that it's almost unhealthy
  20. As an outsider I have little problem with Chiefs or Indians, or Seminoles (which is sanctioned by the actual Seminoles) but Redskins just absolutely has to go in 2020. That's just 50 years too late.
  21. Redskins to undergo 'thorough review' of nickname. Well well well.
  22. Well... At least the first 3 letters are correct. Edit: hahaha if you just bold the first 3 letters, it's censored
  23. Yeah this is what I also felt, but I would have felt better about it if Keene was the clear blocking/FB guy.