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  1. We don’t know if Mostert season’s over and if it is I don’t see a scenario where they give McKinnon big workloads with his history.
  2. Thinking about setting up another league? Id like to do a 12 team PPR auction entry between $100-150.. just wanted to see if I had some interest before getting started
  3. Still got a huge target share and the Rams secondary is tough. He’s clearly Dak’s safety blanket. Not worried about him at all.
  4. I can’t do rolling waivers man I’m not trying to be difficult but it’s like playing tennis with a ping pong paddle .. I’ve played in about 75 leagues over the past 10 years and none have used rolling waivers .. I wouldn’t have joined to begin with but I assumed we’d would use FAB waivers ... Im sorry for wasting your time
  5. It’s kind of a deal breaker for me..I’m out
  6. I promise if you haven’t done it that it’s much better than the old school waiver system.
  7. Haha all good. It’s free agent acquisition budget. Instead of the rolling waivers it gives everyone a budget and you bid on players.
  8. I’m stoked to be in this last minute! Thanks for putting it together
  9. Could you get rid of divisions if it’s not too much trouble?