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  1. He cost me big time but can we really bench him in deeper leagues?
  2. I really love this guy but I don’t feel good about starting him vs Balt, Pitt, or NE. I dropped him in a somewhat shallow 12 team league. I recognize his floor and he’s totally balling out but he doesn’t have elite weapons or RBs and I just feel more comfortable playing Tannehill and Nick Foles of the world vs easy D’s. John Brown is a nice WR but he’s their best skill player which really shows just how good Josh Allen has become. Imagine if they drafted DK.
  3. Looking pretty likely Howard is going to sit again. This has to be the smash spot for him. He’s pretty much a must flex vs the Dolphins if Howard is inactive or am I missing something?
  4. I really want to play him [...] I feel like this game has 42-39 shoot out written all over it and Nick is capable of tossing 5 TDs vs the Bucs.
  5. I was 12th place in a league with a 2-6 record, last in points, and 100 points less then the team with the 11th place. I traded AJ Green/Melvin Gordon for DJ Moore/Aaron Jones. I can’t take credit as this deal was offered to me but needless to say has been a huge win. The following week I traded JuJu and Waller (I own Kelce) for Ingram. Im presently 6-6, have won every game since my trades. I’m even 7th in points. If I win this week and 1 of 2 teams that also share a 6-6 record lose, I will make the playoffs. I am so proud of this team regardless of what happens haha.
  6. Eh I wouldn’t call that a careless fumble. It’s not like he was just running free and someone punched the ball out. I think that was just more of an impressive defensive play then Goedert being careless.
  7. Goedert going to ball out today without Nelson and Ashton - thank me later
  8. He’s the second option in this passing attack and he’s getting a lot of redzone looks. He’s really good too.
  9. I watched the game. RBs typically look better as the game goes on as the defense start to wear out. Also just to clarify I wasn’t talking about Williams from a fantasy perspective. He can absolutely produce RB2 numbers with that sort of volume on a team with an elite line. I was responding to someone who asserted he’s a starting caliber RB talent wise, to which I took offense.
  10. Is cooks just a desperation WR3 this week vs arguably the best secondary in the NFL and I hate to say it but Goff has been just awful. I have zero faith in the guy even at home versus above average defenses, he’s looked completely overmatched.
  11. I think with Howard inactive and the eagles playing a much less talented Seahawks defense, this could be the week he puts together a big game. I’m not worried about Ajayi, I think he just takes Boston Scott’s work.
  12. Eh I disagree. While he certainly looked serviceable I don’t think he’s starting caliber. I think he’s a guy that can fill in when your starter goes down. There’s nothing wrong with being that guy as only 30ish guys in the league are good/great enough to be starters. He doesn’t really possess any dynamic attributes or hasn’t shown a second gear. Even the guys who you or I would rank as the 20th-30th best RBs in the NFL have either a particular something they do really well, or are highly explosive, great route runners, etc.
  13. So he’s listed as doubtful but expected to play? Am I missing something here?
  14. Willis and edge will both get in and deservedly so. Patrick was the best MLB for at least a 5 year stretch. Had he hung on for 2-3 more years he’d be a no brainer. His teams had some success too, he played in a couple NFC Championships and a SB.
  15. He had 5 elite seasons. 2x MVP. 1x SB MVP. He’s a hall of famer.