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  1. Could I get some details? leaguesafe? payiuts?
  2. Looking for 6 ppl to DRAFT a playoff team. Been looking everywhere, found a site looks like $20 for league. Didn't know if we could get 6 ppl together and maybe $15 a person????? take the $19.99 out of buy in and pay like 1st. $50 2nd $20. I know it's kinda late but just did a draft for FREE (gross) and it took 20 minutes 9 rounds. Or if someone else wants to run I'm fine with that. Or is there another site that lets ppl draft for playoffs?
  3. interested if money is held on league safe and depending on site.
  4. never too late! I would join possibly also
  5. interested if needing 1 more but wondering on the payouts? if not needed disregard
  6. oops forget it. Just now noticed it's paypal league.