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  1. Looking for a couple more just in case someone goes MIA or doesn’t pay on time. Still have room for 1 more.
  2. .5 no kickers 5 bench spots we will use leaguesafe for $. league hasn’t been made yet because we are voting on auction or snake. Right now snake is in the lead 4-2. Please leave your email and whether you prefer snake or auction if you are interested.
  3. 2 of my buddies and I are looking for a 12 team auction league that drafts this weekend. preferred settings: .5ppr no kickers email me or respond here. U.ellahie@gmail.com
  4. Me and 2 friends are looking for a league. Please send me the settings: u.ellahie@gmail.com
  5. Flexible with the rules but the subject is preferred. Would like to draft Sunday or Monday night. Ideally less than $50 buy in via leaguesafe. I may start my own if we can’t find one to join. Drop a line if you are looking for 3 active owners or if you are interested in joining an auction league. U.ellahie@gmail.com
  6. Same I need to know when the draft is before I send payment. Thank you.
  7. Shoot I just remembered I have to help my pops move this Saturday. Don't know exactly what time so probably best not to commit yet. Thanks anyway.
  8. If there's any way you could move it back 1.5-2 hours let me know. That's 3:30 over here in California, little too early for me unfortunately.
  9. i emailed you before. Let me know if you still got room. u.ellahie@gmail.com thanks
  10. Auction or snake. Redraft or keeper. U.ellahie@gmail.com