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  1. Let the Jamie Newman experiment begin!
  2. Bears O-line being a** like this is an indictment on the GM. You have had a project QB and two young RBs (Howard and Monty) to build your O around the last 4 years and not given them the most important thing they need -- it's not weapons in the passing game, it's not a brilliant offensive scheme, it's simply a deep and reliable O-line. Montgomery will fight for extra yards and push forward, but without the benefit of accelerating through a hole first those abilities are mitigated. I was admittedly very high on him coming into his rookie year, but at that point I believed more in Nagy and was certain the Bears would put together a good line by 2020. Whooooooops. Can't wait to see them grab a WR, QB and edge rusher in the first half of the draft next year!
  3. Haha, same. Honestly the 7 receptions probably drove his value up higher than the score. Bears will certainly play more high scoring games than the last couple, with Foles passing to Monty a good amount, and if they're good enough to build some second half leads, Montgomery will have some workhorse type performances.
  4. TB was giving up 2.7 YPC before tonight. Monty have you 2.9. If you thought he would give you a big game tonight, big oof. Be happy that Foles has targeted him significantly more than Trubisky in a short sample so far. A few of those into-triple-coverage throws Mitch used to make every game seem to be getting dumped down to Monty instead. Take the extra receptions. A few will break big. Bears don't face another run D this stout the rest of the year. If he gets a few more chances near the goal line, his value skyrockets.
  5. TB does have a poor secondary and stuffs the run better than anyone in football. If you have any faith left in Miller at all now is the time to let it shine.
  6. He is going to absolutely feast this week.
  7. Being a mercenary sounds fun until you get an offer of 5+ years at 30M+ per to play for a contending team in a "fun" clubhouse, which seems important to him. If they don't go all-out for Bauer, they better get someone else. Relying on all those young guys to fill out 3/5 of their rotation is a recipe for disaster. Also can't expect Keuchel to be this good again. Even blue chippers take longer than you think to develop, or get hurt, or bust. For every Giolito you get a couple ReyLos.
  8. Sign Bauer, replace EE with Vaughn and ReyLo with Kopech, and you guys have the biggest window of any team in the AL IMO. As big a window as the Dodgers have had the last half decade+. Just gotta shell out the dough to fill in the holes.
  9. This felt like a game the White Sox lost more than the A's won. Hate to see that. Abreu will probably win MVP but his season in the end is defined by not being able to convert this series with runners on base. How many guys did he leave on? Gotta be double digits. Had Chicago won yesterday it would have been the same kind of feeling since Oakland owned that game until Melvin decided to ride Hendricks like he was the only pitcher he had left. I think both teams were set up well to beat the trashcans. Feeling an A's-Rays LCS matchup. That'll be fun, and will piss off Manfred to boot which is an extraordinary bonus. Oh, and also Renteria. He's gotta be gone, right? Being really good at putting your players in a position to fail is kind of a big deal I would think.
  10. If they empty out their bullpen, they win. Foster, Bummer, Crotchet, Marshall, Heuer, and Colome should be able to cover 9. Six fire arms out of one pen. Oakland can't match that, especially with Hendricks fried.
  11. Soto could easily hit for +20 HR power compared to Betts and also steal 15-20 bases while batting .320+. Betts is a slightly safer pick but no way is he the easy choice over perhaps the best hitter in the game, entering his fourth year and still in his early 20s. One of these years Soto is going to have a pants-on-head crazy year and it certainly could come in 2021.
  12. Biggest bet I made this round was on the red stockings. They're hot and that trio of starters is pure fire.
  13. Ended up hitting 5/7 (forgot to mention also had the over on KC 25.5) Shoulda been 6 but KC's kicker decided to f--- on me tonight. Any night in the green is good, though.
  14. KC ML KC +3.5 Over 54.5 Mahomes over 1.5 TD passes -220 (LOL, feels like easy $$$ though) Lamar over 62.5 rush yards -110 Lamar anytime score +100 First bets placed all year. Didn't feel comfortable first couple weeks.
  15. Reasonable best case let's assume he gets an extra 5 touches per game now, passes and rushes by some combination. So 25 extra yards/game and maybe 2-3 extra TDs overall? That makes him a 90-105 yard and .5 TD per game guy. Not awful for where you drafted him. Is that too bullish? I'd certainly be happy with that at this point even if I feel he's got untapped potential as a workhorse that should touch the ball 25 times a game. Really, I think his value on this Bears team hinges on how much he's utilized at the goal line. For a guy with a rep for falling forward for extra yardage he sure doesn't seem to get many opportunities to put those talents to use inside the 5. So often I see the Bears inside the 10, Monty gets a carry to get them to the 2 or 3 yard line, and then it's a couple passes from there. And that was with Trubisky as QB. For f---'s sake. Patterson was mentioned earlier and I absolutely could see Nagy just giving him more. 15 rushes in three games so far. Disgusting behavior, Matthew. Patterson pops off one nice run a game a then gets stuffed 3 or 4 times. Dumb. Those carries should be going to Montgomery. Now? We may see Monty stick around 15-17 touches a game and Patterson jump to 10. And with a competent QB in Foles maybe we see even more passes from the 1 and 2 yard line. That's reasonable worst case. Jimmy Graham owners will be dancing in the street if that happens, I guess.