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  1. People rioting is precisely why we likely won't have baseball. Those idiots who can't stand to follow rules outlined by health experts are going to cause huge spikes by bucking the guidelines and congregating en masse. This **** is not a joke. It should be felony for these anti-science extremists, whether they be regular old joes or pastors or whoever, to pull this crap.
  2. Some pitchers have crazy splits pitching to catchers they like and don't like. Sale is one. We won't know the Grandal effect until the season starts.
  3. The flatter we make the curve, the longer there will be a non-negligible number of active cases. By doing so we trade time for lives saved. Also: we are now seeing second waves in regions where they thought to have COVID-19 under control. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that this will also happen in the US before a vaccine is developed. Second also: much smaller communities than the artificial one proposed by MLB have been overrun once a single person gets sick. **** spreads like, erm, a virus. I still believe an abbreviated August-December season is the safest and most realistic way to make this happen. This Arizona plan has so many problems one can't find a large enough needle to poke holes in it. For some reason it feels like a lot of people still don't understand how incredibly swiftly and easily this thing can spread. Caution and patience are still our best friend in tackling this thing, not trying to sneak around it.
  4. This Arizona plan is going to die a quick death the moment someone gets sick, which is inevitable. It's a near-impossibility. I just don't see baseball happening this season.
  5. Bill Gates's thoughts, if anyone's interested. I imagine he's pretty tuned in. He (read: whoever he talked to about this stuff) says 6-10 weeks (quarantine/lockdown/whatever) and then a possible resumption of regular life is possible. That at least gives me hope that we'll have a season.
  6. I'm definitely drafting Kopech earlier. He will be nearly 2 full years removed from TJS by the time the season starts. He may have very little rust to knock off at this point and given his ADP, he's worth a grab in just about every league IMO. Upside of a 3-3.50 ERA with elite K numbers is hard to come by when filling out the back half of your fantasy rotation.
  7. [...] Americans are more anti-intellectual and less community-oriented than most other developed countries. Yes, other nations are self-centered and selfish, too. But we are the most self-centered and selfish. And while you can talk about Italy, I can bring up areas where the virus was contained (like Singapore) because the government took swift action and people didn't say "F--- you this is just the flu, bruh. Don't be such a scared soyboi" as they headed out to a party or brunch or whatever, and instead self-isolated and stayed in quarantine until things blew over.
  8. Plus it isn't a cultural norm to kiss on the mouth/face when greeting or saying goodbye. People in the US are much less intimate. If the US actually quarantines seriously it won't get as bad as Italy, where not only is COVID-19 the current leading cause of death -- it doubles the second (heart disease). But I'm not sure I believe in the idea that the American people, as a whole, can be anything but ignorant, stubborn and stupid when asked to inconvenience themselves for the greater good. Guess we'll see.
  9. Let's be real, It's more like hundreds of thousands rather than thousands more in the US. People essentially aren't able to get tested at all and many aren't taking this seriously and have taken the bait that this is a hoax/conspiracy. Where I live, dispensaries and bars are still very busy from open to close. 🤦‍♂️ Well, where they take it seriously is the grocery stores. The panic buying/hoarding is going to leave several food pantries unable to serve their needy this week. Awesome. Murica at its finest. I'm hoping that once we get real numbers in the US people will actually start to take things more seriously. But hope is running low.
  10. Hope you're right. But you're probably not. You think these corporations, organizations, individuals, would willingly give up billions upon billions and send the country into a recession unless a soft shutdown/quarantine of non-essential aspects of society was necessary, or close to it? And in the process torpedo the chances of a very corporate-friendly POTUS getting re-elected? Highly unlikely. But again, hope you're right. Maybe in 2-3 months we'll have baseball to watch and toilet paper hoarding memes to laugh about.
  11. US is going to go into dark mode, essentially, for 2+ weeks. Probably longer. It's the only way to keep things from turning into Italy part 2. I think they'll announce a soft quarantine early this week. I still think July is the earliest we see an MLB game.
  12. This is one of the most annoying arguments people trot out. If the pipes in your house are leaking like crazy and you are at risk of serious flood damage if your landlord does nothing -- and in fact s/he has dragged their heels dealing with the issue, all the while your neighbor across the way had the same problem but his/her landlord jumped into action quickly enough to keep things from becoming completely ****** -- you absolutely have a right to complain. Newsflash: people don't want a new house. They like their house. They want it to be fixed so they can get back to living in it as they used to. What they want is a better landlord. Get the difference?
  13. Slavitt is the former chief of Medicare/Medicaid (under Obama) If this is remotely accurate it means COVID will potentially be an issue of enormous severity through the summer and into Fall. Would MLB even try to have a season if they can't start until August? I know this is worst case scenario stuff, but the blueprint on how to contain and squash this thing is Taiwan (early and aggressive quarantine/social distancing coupled with copious testing), and what we're doing in the US has been close to the opposite.
  14. I am now lumping people who compare this with the regular old flu and can't understand the difference w/ anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers. I guess some people need to walk the streets of their town in the middle of the day seeing nearly everything shuttered (we are probably less than 2 weeks from this in the US) before they believe what is happening is serious.
  15. What I have read tends to see a peak in the US in late May or early June, so everything has got to be shut down until at least July IMO. We'll be lucky to get 100 games.