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  1. Oh, I agree. Just meant for a standard rotation, they'll be equipped with more SP arms on their MLB roster than you usually see. If no one, or even on guy, gets hurt, you have a surplus from which to work provided no one performs so poorly that they no longer warrant a spot.
  2. Jimmy Cordero was also a solid pen arm last year. If he, Cishek, Colome, and Bummer are about what they were a year ago, that's not awful. Things are just really bad after that. No depth. They have too many SPs (Gio 1, Gio 2, Keuchel, Cease, Kopech, ReyLo, Rodon) and at least one will be a reliever by mid-season (my bet is ReyLo). I don't see too much help coming up from the farm (maybe Tyler Johnson?) so I still think a trade is coming.
  3. Forgetting about the BABIP for a sec, Moncada was still top 10% among all players in xBA, so while it's not likely that he'll hit .315 again, he's even less likely to hit below .250-260. If he's the same player, no changes good or bad, he's in the .270 to .295 range. Obviously things like extreme luck and/or swinging more for the fences could move him out of that area, but very generally speaking fast dudes that hit the ball extremely hard and aren't swing for the fences type of players are BA neutral at absolute worst, and more typically an asset in the category. One thing that's not been mentioned is that he finally starting hitting like a major leaguer rather than a Little Leaguer against lefties in 2019. Slightly different stance and more aggressive approach and that was that. He was an absolute sinkhole against LHP previously so just being competent will also keep the BA from dropping too much. As mentioned above, it's the nagging injuries that are a concern. That to me is the biggest issue. But even at 130ish games projected I like him at his current price tag. We'll see what he'll cost in March.
  4. He'd have to take another significant step forward. I think he probably settles in as a 4-7 win player through his prime. Not quite MVP level. Maybe he has one mega year where he can contend for an MVP.
  5. SB potential is definitely untapped but the elite speed gives me hope. 70 is an over-grade though. He hit in front of Abreu a lot, and he gets distracted when guys try to steal. I'm sure that limited his SB attempts. SwStr went up due to his more aggressive approach (also why his walks went down), which obviously worked out for him. His exit velo is top tier, so even after the BABIP regresses you're probably looking at a 280ish hitter. He's just good across the board, basically. He won't be elite in any cat except runs, but 105-280-28-85-15 would make him a fantasy stud, and that's a pretty reachable projection. MVP talk probably comes from writers who saw a former #1 prospect put up 5.7 fWAR in 129 games in his second full season. Easy to draw a lazy conclusion from there to MVPland. Being high on the White Sox also seems to be trendy this winter.
  6. Worth noting he did that in the J equivalent of AAA, and that he has thrown 0 professional innings.
  7. I don't think anyone can guess at this point, other than to pencil Abreu into the 3 hole. I think it'll look close to this to start the year: Anderson Moncada Abreu Eloy Grandal EE Mazara Robert Madrigal Obviously the guys at the bottom have the best chance of moving up. Could also see Moncada batting cleanup to get some speed in the middle of that lineup, which is a veritable who's who's of concrete-footed base cloggers. One thing I am pretty sure of is that Renteria will not have any of the lefties batting back to back.
  8. The number with the power/speed combo of Robert that also look and move like a young Terrell Owens you could probably count on an even smaller hand. There are enough stars that improve their K rate in the majors or at least keep it steady (Judge, Stanton, Bryant, Springer, Moncada, Baez, Trout, and so on) that it's not a concern for me at this point, especially since it's essentially one year of data for a guy that was quite young for his level. Perhaps I'm just wading in the middle of a koolaid ocean the way I was with Vladito last year, but the dude has the tools, the body, and so far, the performance of a megastud befitting the hype. If Tim Anderson can rock an xba near .300 with a 3% walk rate, 21% K rate, and below average EV, I think a guy like Robert who is faster and hits the ball harder is ok unless MLB breaking pitches truly confuse him worse than calculus.
  9. That's a bit rich for my taste. I've seen FTJ in that area and I wouldn't touch him there, despite the accepted notion that he's the higher value player this coming season. Both have sky-high ceilings but both are candidates to really slip production-wise in 2020. Half a season is not enough to convince me that anyone is a second round pick. I have both dudes ranked in the 40s, FWIW. Guess I'll be missing out on the fun this year, unless there's a little adp course correction by the time I draft. I suspect there won't be with Tatis, but maybe with Yordan.
  10. I thought JTR was a great semi-reach candidate last season and while that didn't seem so hot for a while, by the end of the year he was right where he needed to be. Big boost in the R cat from his past few years (as expected) and the SB were a nice bonus. I think he has a similar season this year and if you don't want to f--- around with the headache of the catcher position, he's a great set it and forget it guy. Draft around 45 and you can put away the ibuprofen.
  11. FG is not the place to go for unbiased info on Robert, IMO. They were lambasted for being too low on him, namely the Brinson comp, and went full toddler defending it and wouldn't move Robert's FV up no matter what he did. Also comical that a guy with a max sprint speed of 31.9 ft/sec is a 60 speed grade. The number of human beings -- not just baseball players -- that can run that fast is teeny tiny. His 60 yard best is 6.15 and has most often been timed at right at 6.3 -- I don't know where that stacks up these days but I know Bo's 6.18 was the fastest ever clocked for a baseball player for a long time. During his showcase, a scout (I believe working for STL) said he was 70 power and 70 speed. There were reports that he was not in great shape at that time. Draw your own conclusions, I guess. He's a top 1% of the 1% physical freak and I will be stunned if he isn't a star. Maybe not this year, but soon.
  12. They may not, but the White Sox tried to acquire him last year and they get tunnel vision when it comes to that (a la Mazara). Mets have a strong pen on paper and other holes that can be filled by dealing someone like ED. If they don't have the prospects Pitt wants for Marte maybe the White Sox can step in and make it a threeway.
  13. I think it's going to be a trade for Diaz, if anything, if they're going to make a splash for a big relief name. 10 years younger than Harris w/ 3 years of control and they may believe they can buy low. I imagine Will Harris would cost 2/20 or similar.
  14. A DH spot rotating McCann, Collins, etc would have been very poor. Guys like Mendick and Garcia are depth and nothing more. Leury will mostly play against lefties instead of Mazara. He doesn't need more ABs than that. 1/12M is a nothing deal for a team with a lot of payroll flexibility. last year the White Sox DH spot was worth -3.5 WAR. EE is going to be a 35 HR/.350 OBP/1.5-2 WAR player. It's a massive upgrade at a cheap price. Vaughn is also very unlikely to be ready in 2020. What the White Sox have done is methodically plug up every big hole they had last season, which is arguably more valuable than blowing all your money on one or two marquee guys. It's hard to find a black hole on their team now, which is an impressive turnaround from a season ago.
  15. I think he gets another year of atbats in AAA and a chance to inherit DH/backup C from EE and McCann in 2021. Guys will inevitably miss games also so I'm sure he'll get 150+ MLB PAs somehow or another. But yeah, he's likely not breaking camp with the team at this point.