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  1. AJ all the way. I'd stay away from Thielen.
  2. Since it's PPR i'd consider Lewis (if he's still available). From the options you gave me ,i'd lean towards AJ. Good luck
  3. Both have tough matchups. I'd go with Koo as well. Good luck in your matchup.
  4. Team 1 (PPR League Final) MGIII , Henry (Q) , Dion Lewis , Boone , Stefon Diggs , Golladay. (pick 1 Flex and 1 RB please) Team 2 (Half-PPR League Final) Freeman , Parker , Golladay , Thielen , Boone (pick 1 Flex and 1 RB please) Hope you guys can help me out with this big dilemma. Thank you for your help and good luck to you too ! Post below your link and i will help you 100%.
  5. Defo do it !! CMC is RB1 ROS ! and 0.5 is even better
  6. I'd rather hold and keep Gordon , than dropping him for Green. Maybe drop someone else for Green ? They said Gordon may return and that it's not a Bell situation
  7. Hmm i'd hold mate. Maybe pick up a wr off the waivers. R Anderson is unclear how he'll perform w/o Sam. Keep OBJ ofc
  8. I like Dalton over Cousins. So keep Royce and grab Dalton
  9. Totally agree with this ! You can sell Vance high right now and D Walker is playing well
  10. You are great at WR , but i wouldn't target Mixon tbh. Maybe another RB