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  1. So pro/cash leagues are done (figured that), however for free leagues Yahoo! notes they are still “exploring options”... Given that, anybody have any guesses as to what Yahoo! is considering doing with respect to the free leagues?
  2. Agreed, that is probably what Yahoo & Co. decide since it’s simplest. I think Yahoo needs to invest some time to put together some more detailed rules/bylaws moving forward though so everyone isn’t left speculating for 2+ months the next time we have a pandemic.
  3. Most likely the most used platforms (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.) will devise some mini-type seasons between the official NBA owners vote this Thursday and resumption of NBA season. Would probably have old fashioned way backup plan (ie paper + pencil) in place just in case they don’t though if your current league really wants to do it.
  4. Pretty sure Yahoo will do same as it did with NHL fantasy, HOWEVER if the NBA resumes with 22-24 teams and has a handful of actual regular season games as a tuneup for the teams playing (as in the NBA officially considers them regular season games, not play-in games or something else) then I think there is a small chance Yahoo decides on a different route —maybe even just closing out Week 21. Very unlikely but not impossible.
  5. Hi guys, a couple questions for you. Background: I am in a 10 team h2h private league, our playoffs were scheduled to start in Week 22 so our regular season had a few days left at time of suspension. I am tied for 1st but do mot have tie-break, however I was up 7-2 in my week 21 matchup while the team in 1st that owns the tie-break was only winning 5-4 when play got suspended. Questions: If the season is cancelled... 1) is it more likely that Yahoo will a) default to awarding the title to the team currently in first place; OR b) default to awarding nobody the title? 2) also, if Yahoo goes with (a) above and defaults to awarding the team in first place the title, how would you expect they would take into account the final matchup week? (Ie would the 7-2 unfinished matchup be added to my standings totals for purposes of determining a champion or no). Thanks in advance everyone and god bless.
  6. Thanks for that. Jokic was my original thought to pair w/Gobert as well.
  7. What about Ariza? You think he's gonna get enough time to rack up his ~2 threes and (almost) 2 steals again?
  8. Hi guys, So I hold the 10th and 11th overall picks in my draft (last of first round, first of second round; draft is snaking). Unless someone unexpectedly drops out of top 9, I'll be looking to draft some combination of the guys below. Which of the two should I draft 10th and 11th overall? And why? (note: I am leaning towards Gobert as one of my picks). 1. Gobert 2. Jokic 3. Wall 4. LeBron Thanks in advance for the input.
  9. Hi guys, I'm in a standard H2H 9 CAT Yahoo league... Excluding CP3/Harden, how do you guys think the below 4 players will do compared to last year in light of the big CP3 trade? (e.g. Better, Worse, the Same). Please give some reasoning if possible . 1. Trevor Ariza 2. Clint Capela 3. Eric Gordon 4. Ryan Anderson Thanks in advance.
  10. Other - Ben Simmons (let's not forget how touted he was before his little foot injury, he will pan out to be something if not this year then further in the future). As a side note I think DSJ could be the best this year but am not high on crazy athletic little guards longer-term --especially when they've already had ACL surgery.
  11. I'd target STLs in addition to BLKs, PTS, and low TOs. I wouldn't punt per say but in a 6-teamer it might not be feasible to win 3PTMs without a Curry, Beal, Lillard, etc.
  12. Lonzo will probably at least be an assists specialist. Ben Simmons --too many variables with him IMO (e.g. he is on the Sixers) I'd go with Josh Jackson, he'll probably at least put up a rounded line even if he only gets 10ppg.
  13. If we believe AD will be healthy then he is consensus #1 pick.
  14. I like what you did. Some questions: 1. Is this a money league? 2. Was there any sort of league vote on throwing KP in this Rookie Draft? 3. Are we set on having this newcomer join or can we find someone else? I feel like the mistake was letting the new guy know who was on his inherited team --got a guy in my league who would fight to the death over KP in this situation no matter how unfair it might be. My answer: A. Good idea, if he is joining the league regardless then put it to a league vote to take heat off yourself (caveat: only if this GM will either eventually be cool with it or we can find someone else who will not complain about it). Good luck with that headache.
  15. Westbrook is being regarded as a bottom half 1st Round guy typically due to his FG% and TOs --I couldn't begrudge someone for taking him since he doesn't take nights off but would not take him myself. Best/safest bet - KD. Basically the perfect fantasy player so long as he doesn't miss much time due to any injuries. My gut feeling at #1 - KAT. Even if he may not "bloom" statistically like he would have without the addition of Butler I am just high on him (refer to his #s last year which should not drop off much if at all, plus he played all 82 games which I love). Good luck, tough to be #1 this year.