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  1. Looking for an active Free H2H Category League. Can be a new or old league. I'd prefer a None-Keeper, although I am not opposed to a Keeper depending on the team. Platform-wise I'd prefer ESPN, however I do have Yahoo which I'll consider as well. PM if you have anything that fits these needs. Thank you.
  2. ESPN H2H League (Free) Banger League, both teams are currently in the playoffs (ranks listed below). G A +/- PPP SHP SOG HIT BLK GS W SO GAA SV% PM with email if you are interested. Team One (Ranked 7th/12 teams): Team Two (Ranked 5th/12 teams):
  3. Forgot to mention before, Categories are: G A +/- PPP SHP SOG HIT BLK GS W SO GAA SV%
  4. Sorry about the late invites. Just sent the remaining spots out. If you didn't get a spot, I'll keep you on wait list since people seem to drop just before the start of the season.
  5. Here is our Free ESPN H2H league. MSG me if you are interested in joining.
  6. Looking for active owners to join a Free 12 Team - ESPN H2H Category (None Keeper) League. Leave your email below if you are interested in joining or PM it to me. Thank you.
  7. Great team, absent owner for the last 2 months. Banger League, 12 teams. PM with email if interested
  8. Rizzo Dee Gordon Bellinger Kris Bryant Hoskins Matt Olson Tim Anderson Yoan Moncada JD Martinez